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Take flight aboard the new Four Seasons Private Jet.

Your Ticket to Adventure

Embark on the journey of a lifetime aboard the
Four Seasons Private Jet with new trips to
Antarctica, Europe, Africa and beyond.

Meditate as the sun sets in Serengeti, immerse yourself in the rich culture of Mauritius, go back in time at the Taj Mahal and be inspired by community in Bali: Reconnect with yourself and loved ones over shared moments as these captivating destinations unfold on newly added departures of popular Four Seasons Private Jet journeys taking off in 2023 – a record year for the Private Jet, with eight expertly curated itineraries slated to help Four Seasons guests seamlessly explore the world.

Plan your Private Jet Journey

African Wonders takes guests on a 13-day family-friendly adventure to seven destinations, while Timeless Encounters, a 24-day journey around the globe, stops at nine destinations. Over 23 days, discover International Intrigue in nine destinations. Experience the legendary wonders of the world like never before during the 24-day Ancient Explorer trip, or set off on a captivating voyage through the Southern hemisphere on the 21-day Uncharted Discovery expedition. World of Adventures highlights the world’s natural beauty during rare experiences on four continents. Each trip – added to the slate of 2023 itineraries by popular demand – offers unique opportunities to get up close with history, nature and culture at some of the world’s most intriguing locales. The experts at Four Seasons have curated itineraries that take you on exclusive behind-the-scenes tours, after-hours visits and cultural exploration – once-in-a-lifetime experiences sure to send you home inspired by your global adventures.

Along the way, you’ll forge new friendships with your fellow travellers as you see the world in a new light. Toast your time together with Champagne as you lift off for a new destination, or gather backstage in the Private Jet’s lounge area – the new custom-outfitted Airbus A321LRneo, set to take flight in 2022, has been designed with your comfort in mind. Settle in to one of just 48 handcrafted seats, constructed with soft Italian leather and offering 6.5 feet (2 metres) of personal space to lie fully flat, or stretch out with the addition of a plush ottoman. Travel in luxury with Four Seasons team members – including a dedicated on-board physician, on-board concierge and executive chef – to handle all the details, leaving you free to enjoy every moment of your journey.

African Wonders: December 28, 2022 – January 9, 2023 (wait list only) & August 1 – 13, 2023

Explore seven far-flung destinations over 13 remarkable days with loved ones – majestic wildlife experiences, ancient historical treasures and breathtaking natural wonders that will awe travellers of all ages. This family-friendly journey begins on August 1 in Athens, where guests can step back in time during visits to ancient sites like the Acropolis and the Parthenon and soak up the sun on the glamorous Athens Riviera. The trip through history continues in Egypt with a guided tour of the Pyramids of Giza, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, and the enigmatic Sphinx. From there, it’s off to the Serengeti, where you’ll get a bird’s-eye view of the vast savannah during a hot-air balloon ride, then Mauritius, where you can explore the island’s protected lagoons by kayak or on a world-class snorkelling expedition. Rwanda, or the “Land of a Thousand Hills,” comes next and includes a trek through Volcanoes National Park in search of mountain gorillas and endangered golden monkeys. At Victoria Falls in Zambia, you’ll take in the world’s largest waterfall – one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. Your African journey concludes in dynamic Johannesburg, South Africa’s historic and cultural hub.

International Intrigue: March 2 – 26, 2023 (wait list only)

Discover a variety of destinations – remote islands, vibrant cities, vast grasslands – in one remarkable journey. Over 23 days, you’ll visit nine destinations, diving deeply into local cultures and landscapes to gain a unique perspective on the world around you.

Your journey begins March 3 in Seattle with a welcome dinner for you and your fellow travellers, set beneath the stunning glass sculptures of famed artist Dale Chihuly. Next, you’re off to Kyoto to learn the secrets of samurai sword fighting and a visit to ancient temples and shrines. Get an authentic taste of Vietnam during a festive market dinner in Hoi An, featuring the city’s street food specialities. Live like a castaway on the Maldivian island of Kuda Huraa, a private coral island in the middle of the Indian Ocean – snorkel to colourful reefs or lounge on pristine sand. Encounter a different kind of paradise in the heart of the Serengeti, where you’ll discover a sanctuary where animals roam free. Travel back in time in Marrakech, where you can explore the ancient medina and uncover gilded treasures in a private souk excursion. From there, it’s off to the romantic city of Budapest – often called Central Europe’s most beautiful city. Sample strudel, browse its vibrant art and soak up the city’s laid-back café culture – or go deeper with a private guided tour of a medieval crypt at the storied Matthias Church. End this once-in-a-lifetime journey in Paris, where you can reflect on your experiences and raise a glass to your time together during a farewell dinner.

Timeless Encounters: March 26 – April 18, 2023
& April 17 – May 10, 2023

Craving even more time away with loved ones? Expand your horizons on the Timeless Encounters journey. Starting April 17, you’ll spend 24 days winging your way to nine destinations across the globe.

Start in Hawaii, on Oahu’s sun-soaked western coast, with a hike to a remote nature reserve or a cruise along an oceanside mountain range, and celebrate the beginning of your journey with a traditional Hawaiian luau. Then it’s off to Bora Bora, the pearl of the Pacific, where you can swim with manta rays and try a submarine scooter. Next up: Sydney, a city that blends outdoor adventure and a vibrant food scene with iconic landmarks like the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge. Then set off to discover the cultural heart of Bali – soul-stirring temples, renowned cultural traditions and a rich heritage of spirituality.

The halfway mark of your journey is the jungles of Chiang Mai, where you can learn the secrets of Thai cuisine in a cooking lesson from a Four Seasons chef, ride a tuk-tuk to the ancient temple of Chedi Luang and explore the bustling stalls of Warorot Market. Or opt for a two-night stay in the Four Seasons luxury tented camp in the famed Golden Triangle, in the heart of a tranquil bamboo forest. You’ll rejoin the group for a one-day stop to explore the Taj Mahal – flying by private jet offers the exclusive opportunity to touch down in Agra itself for a guided tour of this majestic monument. Sip in-flight cocktails as you discuss this incomparable experience with your fellow travellers on the way to Dubai, where you’ll arrive just in time for a sunset dinner or a thrilling 4×4 ride through the golden dunes. In Florence, enjoy access after hours to a private showing of Michelangelo’s David and the Piazza del Duomo, and lunch at a winery in the Tuscan countryside. End your around-the-world adventure in the historic centre of London with a celebratory group dinner – or extend your stay with guided tours of the city’s most beloved landmarks or a trip down the River Thames aboard a steamboat.

By popular demand, another Timeless Encounters journey has been added to the roster of 2023 trips. Departing on March 26, this 24-day includes stops in Kona for an awe-inspiring helicopter tour of the coastline and swim in sparkling waterfall pools and in Prague, where you’ll sip Champagne as you enjoy a private string quartet concert of Mozart favourites at the Estates Theatre, where the composer himself once performed.

Ancient Explorer: August 16 – September 8, 2023

Massive rock statues on Easter Island, gilded temples in Bangkok, the Pyramids of Giza: The ancient world is yours to explore on when the Four Seasons Private Jet lifts off on August 16 for the Ancient Explorer journey. Over the next 24 days, you’ll visit 10 captivating destinations – and experience the legendary wonders of the world like never before.

Embark on your journey around the world in Miami, with a welcome dinner for you and your fellow travellers. Your next stop: Mexico City and a hot air balloon ride over Teotihuacan to see some of the best-preserved pyramids from Mesoamerican civilizations. Then it’s off to remote, mysterious Easter Island, home to massive moai statues sculpted to honour the ancestors off the native Rapa Nui people. After watching the sun rise over the giant stones, head to Bora Bora for a swim with manta rays in the turquoise blue waters of the island’s lagoons. The underwater exploration continues at two of Australia’s natural wonders: the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Rainforest. Then it’s back to dry land in Bangkok, where you can visit the city’s gilded temples and the colossal golden statue of Buddha at Wat Pho. In the heart of the Jordanian desert, follow a Four Seasons guide to the iconic Lost City of Petra. The Private Jet also stops in Egypt for a day to explore the legendary Pyramids of Giza, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. As the trip winds down, soak up the medieval architecture and authentic flavours of Sicilian life in Taormina, or hike Mount Etna, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The journey concludes in Madrid – flamenco dancing, world-class art museums and a tapas-style meal with your newfound friends.

World of Adventures: September 8 – October 1, 2023

Nine stops. Eight countries. Four continents. Twenty-four unforgettable days. The World of Adventures itinerary makes the most of every moment, from observing rare mountain gorillas in Rwanda to the bright sights, sounds and flavours of Marrakech. The journey begins September 8 in with a welcome dinner in Seattle, and then you’re off to Kyoto. Explore sacred temples and shrines, admire modern Japanese landscaping during a private visit to Tairyu-Sanso Garden – usually closed to the public – and learn the secrets of samurai sword fighting, drawing posing and swinging your katana like an ancient Japanese warrior. Immerse yourself in the deep spirituality of Bali’s culture, where you can experience a traditional water purification ritual, performed by a Balinese priest at Tirta Empul to cleanse mind, body and spirit. Your time in a tropical paradise continues in Seychelles, surrounded by white sand and sparkling blue waters. Join a Four Seasons chef for a cooking class covering the flavours of ingredients of Creole cuisine, or centre yourself in the moment with sunset yoga and meditation overlooking the ocean. Trade the blue seas for green jungles in Rwanda: Hike up the forested slopes of the Virunga Mountains in search of rare mountain gorillas and watch them interact with one another in their natural habitat. Your next stop? A full sensory experience in Marrakechfor an authentic taste of the Red City, board a horse-drawn carriage headed to the lively Jemaa el Fna, a vibrant square famous for its snake charmers, entertainers, souks and food stalls. Next, feel the rhythm of Colombia during a private salsa lesson, or browse the trendy shops in Bogotá and explore the city’s historic landmarks. Don’t miss the chance to sip the country’s most famous product while learning about its rich history during a visit to a family-run coffee farm. The penultimate stop on your journey can’t be reached aboard the Four Seasons Private Jet. Instead, set sail on a private ship for a three-day expedition to the Galápagos Islands. Watch sea lions frolic on the beach, cruise along dramatic cliffs, and be on the lookout for green sea turtles, penguins and flamingosthe Galápagos offer landscapes and wildlife found nowhere else on earth. Say farewell to your fellow travellers in Miami as you toast your experiences over a dinner infused with the Central and South American flavours that make the city so unique.  

Uncharted Discovery:
November 30 – December 20, 2023

See the Southern hemisphere from a new perspective aboard the Four Seasons Private Jet, with stops from the Americas to Antarctica. The adventure begins on Nov. 30 in New Orleans; over the next 21 days, you’ll visit a total of 7 exciting destinations. Embrace the pura vida lifestyle in Costa Rica as you soar through the forest canopy on a zip line tour, taste premium Latin American chocolate and rum during a demonstration with local experts, and gaze in wonder at the stars during an exclusive stargazing party. Board a private train with an expert guide and discover the legendary archaeological treasures of Machu Picchu. Then it’s off to Buenos Aires, the “Paris of South America,” for private tango lessons, a backstage tour of the famed Teatro Colón, and a day trip to the awe-inspiring Iguazú Falls, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Next, you’ll set off for Antarctica via a private luxury polar ship for four unforgettable nights filled with ultra-remote landscapes, remarkable wildlife and breathtaking views. After this thrilling expedition, catch your breath with several days in Bogotá – take a guided tour of the city’s famed street art, join a renowned chef for a culinary demonstration, and enjoy a masterful performance by the Bogotá Philharmonic during a private concert. End your adventure in the Bahamas and a day lounging on pristine white sand, a soothing spa treatment, and a farewell dinner with your fellow travellers.

Looking to travel sooner? A few seats remain on several 2022 itineraries: Ancient Explorers offers departures in September 2022 and October 2022, while Uncharted Discovery has openings on its December 2022 voyage.


Where will the spirit of adventure take you on the Four Seasons Private Jet?