Grounded in the principles of care, trust and service, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts introduced an enhanced global health and safety program, Lead With Care, in May 2020 in response to the evolving COVID-19 pandemic. To inform the program’s development, implementation and ongoing updates, Four Seasons entered into a consulting agreement with Johns Hopkins Medicine International, the global division of health care and research leader Johns Hopkins Medicine.

Based on health care expertise and enabled by access to leading technologies and tools, Lead With Care outlines clear operational procedures that educate and empower our employees to take care of guests and each other and is implemented at all Four Seasons properties globally.

Specific information about each Four Seasons hotel or resort, including current facility availability, is available on Welcome Back a centralized place to find the latest information about each property.

About Lead With Care

While guests may see many of the enhanced Lead With Care operational procedures, behind-the-scenes measures also take place through employee training, additional food handling protocols, and enhancements to ventilation systems and other back-of-the-house operations.

In addition, we continue to invest in our award-winning App and Chat that further allows guests to control how they engage with others – limiting face-to-face interactions while maintaining the highest levels of personal service. Since its launch in 2017, the popular Four Seasons Chat – one of the only in the industry to be supported by actual employees on property, versus chatbots – has received 10+ million messages and averages approximately 580,000 messages a month. Features include the ability to make and manage reservations, request luggage pickup, airport transfers, room service, restaurant and spa reservations, and much more. Wait-free check-in and check-out is also offered, while Four Seasons Chat integration offers instant translation of 100+ languages, giving guests the flexibility for contactless engagement throughout their stay.

We have also established a dedicated COVID-19 Advisory Board, bringing together Four Seasons leadership and top experts to inform health and safety decisions based on the latest scientific knowledge. Evolving in lockstep with rapidly changing discoveries, the COVID-19 Advisory Board creates, enhances and reviews current procedures, along with virtual and in-person training to guide implementation of Lead With Care across our global portfolio. The Advisory Board remains in close communication with General Managers and property teams to provide timely advice and respond to developments as quickly as possible.

Additional details about the Lead With Care enhanced health and safety program can be found below:

Enhanced Cleanliness:

  • Each Four Seasons property has appointed a Hygiene Officer focused on implementing enhancements to already stringent procedures;
  • Rooms disinfected with EPA approved products with blacklight inspection by room attendants;
  • Focused re-training programs for Housekeeping teams on all cleaning procedures are being implemented across the portfolio;
  • Increased cleaning of public areas, with extra attention to high-touch surfaces such as front desk counters, elevator buttons and public restrooms.

Heightened Guest Safety and Comfort:

  • Global policy requiring all employees to wear masks while indoors (further details below);
  • Lead With Care kits placed in each guest room providing masks, hand sanitizer and sanitization wipes, with additional masks supplied on demand;
  • Embedded physical distancing measures where appropriate, including spaced fitness equipment, modified pool and beach set-up, contactless check-in and housekeeping services;
  • Restaurants and bars may operate with reduced capacity and modified set-ups to ensure adequate space and physically distancing, with nearly all restaurants providing a-la-carte service;
  • In Room Dining offering contactless delivery outside guestrooms along with sustainable, single-use packaging.
  • There may be COVID-19 symptom screening for guests, residents and patrons entering the property.

Empowered Employees:

  • Lead With Care training builds on Four Seasons legendary service model and diligent attention to detail, ensuring Lead With Care procedures are delivered in a thoughtful, attentive manner that balances guest safety with personal reassurance and comfort;
  • Training focused on educating and empowering employees to deliver the enhanced health and safety program with confidence, passing on this care to each and every guest and resident;
  • Lead With Care COVID-19 Advisory Board advising on global training for all employees including: ensuring employees have a well-informed understanding of the disease, its transmission and the vaccine, providing guidance on appropriate physical distancing and use of personal protective equipment, as well as physical and mental health monitoring and support;
  • Grounded in emotional intelligence, employees are undergoing behavioural training, ensuring empathetic, personalized care and connection are not lost in the absence of close contact and limited face to face interaction.

Mask Usage:

  • As we continue to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, Four Seasons remains focused on protecting the health and wellbeing of employees, guests, patrons and residents. Our Lead With Care enhanced health and safety program is in place at all hotels and resorts globally.
  • Many jurisdictions have stringent regulations on mask usage, physical distancing, and maximum occupancies. We encourage all travellers to connect with the Four Seasons property they are visiting to receive the latest information on local mask usage policies and requirements before travelling, as these local requirements continue to evolve.
  • It is mandatory for all Four Seasons employees globally to wear masks indoors while on property.

Access to COVID-19 Testing:

Whether as a departure requirement or simply for peace of mind, all Four Seasons properties globally can facilitate access to COVID-19 testing for guests. In most cases, COVID-19 testing can be arranged on-property, with a third-party, to ensure a convenient experience. In some markets, availability and regulations prevent on-property testing; in these instances, Four Seasons can facilitate off-site testing for guests. For further testing details, as well as pricing information, please contact the respective hotel directly.