The Lounge & Bar

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Enjoy a hand-dripped cup of coffee or relax with a Kyoto-inspired cocktail in a comfortable seat in our modern lobby lounge. *Afternoon tea is served at The Brasserie until further notice.


Closed until further notice; enjoy afternoon tea at Brasserie
Opening date subject to change without notice Contact us at +81 (75) 541-8288 for details

Signature Cocktails and Dishes

  • Small handmade pastries, cakes and desserts on white counter
    Handmade Pastries and Desserts

    Treat yourself to one of our sweet treats for breakfast, lunch or a late-night dessert

  • Pourover coffee array
    Hand-Dripped Coffee

    The popular pour over method helps highlight the unique character of the coffee beans

  • Signature and Traditional Cocktails with Premium Whiskies

    A smoky Old Fashioned prepared with Japanese whiskey and other intoxicating creations presented with an unexpected wreath of smoke

Events & Highlights

Meet the Team

Yoshihide Hamamoto

Executive Pastry Chef

Influenced by his Japanese homeland and its intricate, delicate pastry traditions, Chef Hamamoto brings a meticulous approach to his craft. Despite the artistry of his creations, he is a firm believer in letting natural Japanese flavours define the overall taste of his desserts – especially the fruit. His signature strawberry shortcake, a fragrant vanilla sponge layered with Chantilly cream and topped with fresh Japanese strawberries, is a delicate balance of flavours that he has spent his career perfecting.

“I am happiest when eating cake, so I simply wish to bring a smile to others with my creations too.”


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