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Enjoy a hand-dripped cup of coffee or relax with a Kyoto-inspired cocktail in a comfortable seat in our modern lobby lounge. *Afternoon tea is served at The Brasserie until further notice.


Closed until further notice; enjoy afternoon tea at Brasserie
Opening hours subject to change without notice. Contact us at +81 (75) 541-8288 for details

Signature Dishes

  • Almond and apricot mousse, black sesame ice cream, pomegranate jelly
    Masterdish: Matcha Vacherin

    Almond and apricot mousse, black sesame ice cream, pomegranate jelly

  • Handmade Seasonal Pastries

    Treat yourself to one of our sweet treats for breakfast, lunch or a late-night dessert


    Konbu Tuile, Shiso Oil

  • Beet-Hibiscus Sorbet, Lime Crème Chocolat

    Beet-Hibiscus Sorbet, Lime Crème Chocolat

Events & Highlights

Meet the Team

A seated Pastry Chef Reiko Yokota poses for the camera in her chef's whites



Born in Hokkaido and raised in the U.S., Reiko Yokota brings a storied sensibility to Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto, composing desserts that blend artistry, innovation and nostalgia. In 2016, Chef Yokota joined Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto as Assistant Pastry Chef, bringing a bold yet unconventional approach to the kitchen. Her unique strength lies in crafting surprising flavour combinations and making use of exotic ingredients, like wasabi and kelp, in confectionaries. Along with drawing on her international sensibility, Chef Yokota finds continuous inspiration in the colours and beauty of nature – a gift that Kyoto keeps on giving.

“I love to draw on my memories to craft new desserts. The dots connect together naturally – from my childhood in the American wilderness, to the joie de vivre I found in Paris, to the culinary heritage of my hometown in Japan.”

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