Want to learn the Japanese martial art of Budo? How about a scenic tour of Higashiyama and beyond in our Four Seasons rickshaw? Our dedicated Concierge team opens the doors to some of the city’s most guarded and hard-to-access sites; or, let us create a custom guided tour to satisfy all your curiosities.
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Minka Visit

Visit a local home and experience rich culture, deep-rooted history and delectable cuisine. Choose from activities such as Japanese calligraphy, ikebana (the art of Japanese flower arrangement) and Japanese tastings using secret recipes and traditional cooking skills.
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Rickshaw Tour

Take a scenic tour of Higashiyama and beyond, including visits to neighbouring temples, aboard our Four Seasons rickshaw.
  • National Museum overlooks a lush green lawn in kyoto

Kyoto Art and History

There are many art museums and historical attractions across the city that display both classic and modern art. Our Concierge recommends the Kyoto National Museum, the Buddhist temple Rengeoin Sanjusangendo and the Kiyomizu Sannenzaka Museum – all just a short distance from our Hotel.
  • Couple learns the art of Budo with a certified trainer

Martial Art

Learn the Japanese martial art of Budo at a traditional dojo training hall. Choose from Karate, Aikido, Kendo or Kyudo; don the traditional uniform; and train with experienced instructors to learn the outline and style of Budo and the Japanese spirit and manners.
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Eat and shop like a local

Visit Gion and Pontocho Alley for exquisite dining experiences including Kyo-kaiseki, tempura, teppanyaki and sushi. Head to Nishiki Market and Shinkyogoku Shopping District to find local flavours and favourites. Just blocks from the gift shops and geisha of Hanami Dori and Shirakawa Canal is Shinmonzen-dori –“the new street in front of the gate” – a hidden jewel of Kyoto where you can discover antique treasures.
  • Maiko in Garden

Ozashiki Asobi

The enigmatic charm of Geishas, or Geiko and Maiko as they are called in Kyoto, is known around the world. Few experience the magic first-hand, however, as its beauty lies largely in its elusive secrecy. Gain a thrilling insight into this captivating world with an evening of traditional entertainment in one of Kyoto’s historical Geisha districts, known as hanamachi (flower towns), and delight your senses with a Kyoto-style kaiseki dinner. Conversations and performances from Geiko and Maiko are accompanied by shamisen playing traditional music and old drinking games.
  • Woman kneels and pours tea from ladle during Tea Ceremony

Japanese Tea Ceremony Experience at SHAKUSUI-TEI

The Japanese tea ceremony is a thousand-year-old tradition. Learn the rules, etiquette and subtle intricacies to experience the traditional Japanese culture at Shakusui-Tei, overlooking our 12th-century Shakusui-en pond garden. JPY 20,000 per person (includes one Marukyu-Koyamaen Matcha Green Tea Set for 2 people and two sets for 3–4 people as a gift). Advanced reservation is required. Minimum of 2 people per session.

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