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At our Michelin-starred restaurant in Tokyo, Chef Guillaume Bracaval crafts contemporary French cuisine. Known for our commitment to sustainability, est maintains an eco-conscious philosophy in fine dining, proudly sourcing 95% of ingredients from local farmers, fishermen and foragers across Japan.


  • One Michelin star on MICHELIN Guide Tokyo 2022, 2023 & 2024
  • Award of Excellence on “Wine Spectator” Restaurant Awards 2022
  • Best of Award of Excellence on “Wine Spectator” Restaurant Awards 2023 & 2024


Tuesday to Sunday, 12:00 noon – 3:00 pm Last course and à la carte order at 1:30 pm
Tuesday to Sunday, 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm last course and à la carte order at 8:00 pm
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Sustainable Highlights

  • Gourmet dessert on white plate

    Our eco-friendly offerings include tofu cheese, which is animal-free and made from soybeans.

  • Locally sourced ingredients

    We sources 95% of our ingredients from within Japan.

  • Four modern wine glasses holding white, red and rose wine are lined up on a wooden table
    Japan-focused beverages

    Japan-focused beverages include natural wines and a water menu sourced entirely from the country’s alps.

  • Friandise

    Friandise uses eight local honeys corrected by bees.

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Smiling, bearded man wearing white chef's coat poses for camera while sitting on couch

Guillaume Bracaval

Chef de Cuisine
Born in a tiny village in northern France, Chef Guillaume Bracaval found his earliest inspiration in his family’s vegetable gardens and farmyard. It was there that he learned to love and respect the origins of ingredients, while in his mother’s kitchen he delighted in kneading, stirring, roasting and baking. Now, at est, Bracaval presents innovative French cuisine, inspired by a deep respect for produce from local producers.

“A good chef has to think like an artist. My creative spark can come from anywhere – from the market, from a little ramen shop or even from my wife’s Japanese cooking at home.”

Smiling man wearing white chef's coat and sitting on couch poses for camera with arms crossed

Michele Abbatemarco

Pastry Chef
From the vibrant markets of Monferrato in Italy to the elite Michelin-starred kitchens of Europe and Japan, Pastry Chef Michele Abbatemarco – Gault & Millau’s Best Pastry Chef 2024 – has been on a fascinating culinary journey ever since he was a child. While Abbatemarco’s foundation in pastry-making is decidedly European, the move to Japan changed his perspective, leading to a years-long process of studying local ingredients, understanding Japanese culture and reviewing his personal recipes.

“Tastes are like poems that speak to our palate. Just like with art, we can experience emotions with a dish. If that feeling becomes a lasting memory, then my work is completed.”


  • Chef’s Special Lunch: Bonito and Summer Vegetables

    This season at est, we’re excited to offer a special lunchtime dish featuring bonito, richly smoked with rice straw and paired with fresh summer vegetables from Noto and five varieties of ricotta cheese. Three courses: JPY 9,000 per person.
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  • Chef’s Special Dinner: Artichoke, Tofu and Caviar

    A single sunflower blooms on your plate. The vibrant and glossy sunflower seeds are represented by caviar, while the gently swaying petals are crafted from potatoes. Savour the taste of summer with artichokes, a symbol of the season’s arrival in France, combined with the sweetness of tofu and a tangy shallot sauce. Nine courses: JPY 25,000 per person.
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  • June 4 – November 30

    Vegetarian Menu

    As visually stunning as it is health-conscious, our vegetarian lunch and dinner menu is crafted from fine plant-based ingredients. Designed to enhance your beauty and wellness from within, this menu features seasonal, nutrient-rich ingredients, meticulously selected to minimize additives. The natural flavours and textures of our ingredients are emphasized, offering vibrant, multi-layered sensations complemented by subtle hints of acidity and bitterness. Prices start at JPY 16,000 per person.
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