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Celebrate in the comfort of your own home with artful cakes for all occasions. A selection of cookies, chocolate gifts and homemade pizza from PIGNETO is also available.


Cakes and Gifts from THE LOUNGE
1:00 pm – 6:00 pm Three-day advanced reservations are required for whole cake orders.
Pizza from PIGNETO
11:30 am – 8:30 pm Please place orders at least 30 minutes prior to your desired pickup time.


  • Dark Chocolate, Raspberry Chocolate and Milk Chocolate mendiants bar gift box

    Three flavours: Dark Chocolate, Raspberry Chocolate and Milk Chocolate

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  • Seasonal Tart: Strawberry and Chocolate

    Our Strawberry and Chocolate Tart, the perfect fusion of fresh strawberries and rich dark chocolate, brings seasonal artistry to the comfort of your own home. Three-day advance order is required. Available in February and March.

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  • Chocolate exotic caramel cake

    Caramel cream, banana and passion fruit cream, hazelnut streusel and dark chocolate mousse come together in our Chocolate Exotic Caramel Cake.

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  • Valentine’s Chocolates

    Nestled within a Four Seasons gift box lies an array of artisanal tea–infused chocolates. Created through a collaboration of an expert chocolatier and tea ceremony specialist, these bite-size delights offer a unique sensory experience. Reservations accepted January 12 to February 9. Pickup available February 1 to 14.

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