Visiting Practitioners

  • September 16 – 28 (except September 22)

    Breath, Movement and Melody with Lara Zilibowitz & Benny Holloway

    Join international yoga teacher Lara Zilibowitz and renowned musician Benny Holloway for yoga classes paired with live music. In these breath-per-melody-per-movement classes, learn to attune to the rhythm of your body. This full-spectrum yoga practice incorporates energizing vinyasa, slow-motion movements and yin-full surrender with sonic acupuncture.

  • October 14 – 26 (except October 20)

    Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Jolie Manza

    Having learned the benefits of yoga and meditation from her father at a very young age, Jolie was inspired to study under yoga masters into adulthood. As master trainer for The Tracy Anderson Method, she became a yoga master to Hollywood stars before relocating to Bali. Focus on core strength and body awareness before dipping into the more subtle aspects of the practice. She draws major influence from her years as a dancer and personal trainer and the teachers who continue to influence her.

  • November 5 – 17 (except November 11)

    Vinyasa Yoga with Matt Julian

    Matt leads yoga retreats with a dynamic vinyasa practice, exploring the feeling of being grounded and connected through an energetic yet playful flow, with a constant focus on breathing. By keeping the flow simple and fun, awareness can slip out of the mind, enabling us to tap into our innate wisdom within. Matt also has a background in health and fitness; he holds a degree in Human Movement, is a qualified Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and was a personal trainer for many years.

  • Side view of woman meditating on platform under thatched-roof gazebo, looking out at river and forest
    December 6 – 18 (except December 12)

    Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Andy Butterfield

    This uplifting, energetic and accessible class focuses on gently building strength and flexibility. Andy is passionate about yoga’s role in connecting with our life force and forging a path towards peace in minds and hearts. His experience across various styles including vinyasa, anusara, dru, vini, kundalini and kriya yoga is reflected in his teaching, along with his background in shiatsu and meditation.