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AntiGravity® Yoga is a dynamic and groundbreaking "flying" practice that combines athletic strength with the motion of dance. Elevating the experience even further, classes are held in our Dharma Shanti Yoga Bale – a stunning lotus-petal inspired structure located amid the gently sloping rice terraces and rich natural energy of the sacred Ayung River basin; constructed from sustainable local bamboo, it is designed to create, support and deepen the experience of all who enter. AntiGravity® Yoga was created by a group of gymnasts led by world-class athlete and Broadway dancer Christopher Harrison. It’s great fun and surprisingly easy to practice, offering an abundance of therapeutic benefits – from bringing relief from tension and stress to encouraging blood circulation, lengthening the spine, and improving flexibility and strength. The bespoke Harrison AntiGravity® Hammock has been designed to support bodies of all ages and abilities in suspended and inverted postures not possible in other forms of yoga – maximizing the benefits even from a single session. Whether you’re an experienced yogi seeking to deepen your stretches, a beginner keen to try poses that you haven’t yet been able to master on the mat, or a spiritual disciple wanting to explore "levitated" meditation and movement, our AntiGravity® Yoga programme is guaranteed to heighten your practice, get your endorphins flowing and set your soul soaring. Per person: IDR 700,000 Private class: IDR 1,600,000 up to 2 people
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