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The Sacred River Spa is the ritualistic heart of the Resort, exploring healing potential from the unseen (Niskala) to the seen (Sekala). The peaceful presence and mindfulness teachings of resident wellness mentor Ibu Fera are a welcome and integral addition to the Spa’s nurturing environment and deep inner focus.

Her teachings centre on helping individuals explore ways in which they can integrate mindfulness into their daily lives, enabling them to connect more closely within themselves. Guests report feeling an immediate connection with Fera, who gently guides all she encounters to further understand and develop their emotional and spiritual intelligence, and to “wake up” the greater peace inherent in each of us.

This echoes the Spa’s Balinese healing philosophy: evoking a sense of spiritual connection powerful enough to affect physical change. A former Buddhist nun who studied the Dharma in monasteries across Asia, Fera leads complimentary meditation classes twice daily and hosts a series of Life Talks at the Resort each week. 

Meditation and mindfulness are realistic ways of addressing all sorts of stresses. It’s a free, easily accessible method that goes straight to the root of the problem.

Ibu Fera Resident Wellness Mentor

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