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Full Moon "Purnama" Yoga

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Every full moon, or purnama, is a sacred day in Bali, when Balinese Hindus honor ancestral gods and thank them for their protection with offerings and ceremonies across the island. It is an auspicious time to counter negative forces, replenish vital energy and restore the balance between god, man and nature. Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan invites you to embrace the power and uplifting energy of this important day on the Balinese calendar with Full Moon Yoga, held at our new Dharma Shanti River Terrace. Located nearby the Dharma Shanti Yoga Bale, the River Terrace is perched directly over the flowing waters of the sacred Ayung River surrounded by rice fields and the lush forest of the Sayan Valley. Under the glow of the full moon and twinkling stars, honor the yin or divine feminine side of your energy with Moon Salutations, to shift energy and counterbalance the yangor masculine nature of classical Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskar). Experience the calming effects of Moon Salutations in cooling-down fiery impulses and 'hot' emotions as you connect with the energy of the purnama. Duration: 60 minutes IDR 300,000++ per person for in-house and non-resident guests.
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