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A Paris destination in its own right, Le Cinq by Christian Le Squer is synonymous with the apex of French modern and elegant cuisine, paired with the rarest wines selected by award-wining Head Sommelier Eric Beaumard. Its three Michelin stars are a reflection of the gastronomic experience of a lifetime – in one of the city’s most majestic dining rooms.


Le Cinq is temporarily closed.

Signature Dishes

  • Sea bass with caviar, buttermilk and pansy garnish in white bowl

    Caviar and buttermilk from our Chef's childhood

  • Close-up of roasted Gratinated Onions in sauce
    Gratinated Onions


The Team

Black-and-white portrait photo of Executive Chef Christian Le Squer

Christian Le Squer

Executive Chef

The amplification of simple ingredients is Chef Christian's life’s work. The Brittany-born chef’s skill in drawing out delicate flavors has garnered him the most prestigious awards the world of gourmet cuisine has to offer, culminating in Le Cinq’s third Michelin star.

"We use the French culinary heritage as a base and bring it up to date. It’s a long process, like craftsman’s work. It’s the pure essence of luxury."

Black-and-white portrait photo of Restaurant Director Eric Beaumard with wine glass

Eric Beaumard

Restaurant Director

Eric’s passion for harmonizing wine and food is evident in each culinary creation at Four Seasons, where he has led our three restaurants to numerous accolades and Michelin stars. But he’s perhaps most proud of creating Le Cinq’s 50,000-bottle wine cellar, which represents the rich diversity of the great vineyards of France and the rest of the world and produces the perfect bottle for every meal.

“Sommellerie’ is not only my job but also my passion. I love travelling throughout French vineyards, meeting the wine producers and discovering and tasting new treasures.”

Black and white portrait photo of Chef Michaël Bartocetti in uniform

Michael Bartocetti

Executive Pastry Chef

Talented and creative, Michael Bartocetti is above all a committed and responsible chef. He carefully chooses his suppliers and uses seasonal produce to craft desserts without added sugar that are inspired by the natural world. A finalist at the Best Apprentices of France competition and member of the Michelin best pastry chefs selection since 2019, Michael provides all three gastronomic restaurants with fresh desserts, stirring emotions and celebrating the best of natural ingredients, while mastering the bakery and pastry section of our Hotel’s breakfast and famous afternoon tea at La Galerie.

“Raw ingredients provide me with inspiration, triggering my imagination and kindling my desire to use them in my dishes. I use top quality produce, bringing out ingredients’ natural tastes and aromas to obtain delicate and harmonious flavours.”

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