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Welcome to the heart of the Hotel, our all-day dining lounge adorned with 19th-century art – the perfect spot to savour a post-shopping tea with sweet creations crafted by Chef Michael Bartocetti or to discover the most famous French dishes with a modern twist by Michelin-starred Chef Alan Taudon.


Every Day
8:00 am – 11:00 pm


Shot of Chef Alan Taudon setting a plate on a table for two


Michelin-starred Chef Alan Taudon has imagined a light and creative approach of cooking for La Galerie restaurant since 2018. His impressive technical skills keep promoting a delicate and modern cuisine, enhanced by bold flavours.

“Committed to delivering excellence through sustainable food choices, I was very keen on bringing a new culinary expression to La Galerie by offering innovative plant and fish-based dishes.”

Black and white portrait photo of Chef Michaël Bartocetti in uniform

Michael Bartocetti

Executive Pastry Chef
Talented and creative, Michael Bartocetti is above all a committed and responsible pastry chef. He carefully chooses his suppliers, favouring small farms that promote sustainable and responsible agriculture. He experiments with innovative flavours and techniques, resulting in perfectly prepared creations.

“Raw ingredients provide me with inspiration. I use top quality produce, bringing out ingredients’ natural tastes and aromas to obtain delicate and harmonious flavours.”

Guillaume Cabrol in white chef's coat, hands in pockets, smiling

Guillaume Cabrol

Head Baker
A truly talented chef, Guillaume Cabrol is a humble perfectionist charged with sensitivity and commitment to crafting outstanding bespoke creations. Today, he puts his talents at the service of the entire palace and daily oversees the bread and pastry offer of the hotel breakfast at Le Cinq***, Le George*, L’Orangerie* and La Galerie while also managing the Room Service operation.

“Attentive to the right taste, I pay particular attention to the ingredients, working closely with small producers and farms with a sustainable approach.”

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