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Four Seasons mixologists from Vail to London offer up their favourite winter warmers just in time for your holiday gathering.

5 Cocktails You’ll Be Craving This Winter

As the temperature drops, Four Seasons cocktails can always warm the mood – no matter where you happen to be.

Cosy interiors of wood and stone surrounded by fresh powder and expansive mountain views are always memorable. But they’re downright magical with the perfect festive cocktail. The same can be said of overwater bungalows, sunsets and starlit nights.

No matter where you choose to celebrate, here are the must-have drinks for the festive season. Cheers!

Steven Teaver, Director of Food and Beverage at Four Seasons Resort and Residences Vail, was looking for a unique way to extract apple and cinnamon flavours – inspiration struck while he was having breakfast with his son. “He loves Apple-Cinnamon Cheerios,” Steven says. “I figured there must be a fun way to create a cocktail with them.”

The answer? Steep the cereal in half-and-half. He points out that this drink can also be enjoyed without spirits, so children and parents can both partake at après-ski hangout The Remedy Bar. While you’re there, Teaver also recommends trying the Winter Spiced Cherry Champagne cocktail. Mulling spices provide a festive scent, while deep rosy colours from its tart cherry base mimic Vail’s daily alpenglow.

Amaranto Bar, at the heart of Four Seasons Hotel London at Park Lane, features rich claret tones, dark wood panelling and an eclectic collection of portraits. It’s casual yet elegant – a perfect spot for relaxing with a cool-weather cocktail like the aptly named Winter Wonderland, inspired by the event of the same name just a short stroll away at Hyde Park.

“This cocktail captures the feeling of excitement experienced at the fairground rides and ice-skating rink in the park, combined with the traditional flavour of roasted chestnuts,” says Lucia Massenzio, a rising star at Amaranto Bar. For a show and a drink, have a seat and watch the Hotel’s mixologists shake their seasonal cocktails. Prefer wine? Take your pick from the exquisite wine wall that runs along both sides of the bar.

Festive celebrations usually (and arguably should) involve indulgent meals and sparkling conversation. But it’s sometimes hard to keep the party going, especially when you’re near a coveted mattress at Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora.

“One way to survive a sleep-inducing plate of holiday food is to sip an after-dinner Espresso Martini or two,” says Laurent Cartisano, Bar Manager at Sunset Restaurant & Bar. “This assures there will be plenty of energy for dancing and storytelling.” The Resort’s Espresso Martini includes Cognac as well as locally made vanilla syrup to infuse the drink with the flavours of French Polynesia. It’s the perfect cocktail for New Year’s Eve, when you’ll marvel at the display of fireworks over the Resort’s starlit lagoon.

Hot chocolate is a winter staple for almost everyone. But Brandon Buschart, General Manager at The Handle Bar at Four Seasons Resort and Residences Jackson Hole, loves serving this treat year round. In fact, it was during BBQ.Bluegrass.Bourbon – an annual summer event with smoked ribs, pulled pork and bluegrass – that he began thinking about adding huckleberry moonshine to the sweet treat.

“Everyone loves raspberry dark chocolate,” he says, and huckleberry’s flavour profile is similar to raspberry’s. But as Brandon began exploring the idea, he found bourbon and moonshine made the beverage taste too alcoholic and sweet. “I picked up local huckleberry spirits and played around until it had just the right balance of sweet and sour,” he says. The drink also has a festive purple hue to it, evoking the aesthetic of fresh huckleberry.

You’ll also want to try the Resort’s Light My Fire, hot cocoa infused with Kahlua and house-made Fireball. “We start by toasting cinnamon sticks and creating a cinnamon syrup that is steeped overnight,” he says. “Cayenne pepper is added and strained, and it is finished with Bulleit rye.” You can even buy the cocktail by the flask to take it out on the mountain with you.

The 5,772-mile (9,289-kilometre) ride between Moscow and Vladivostok on the Trans-Siberian Railway is legendary. In fact, it’s arguably the greatest train ride in the world.

Still, anyone lucky enough to make the long trek knows it can be tiring. “You need a strong cocktail that’s full of vitamins to help you on your travels,” says Alisa Khaidarova, Bar Manager at Four Seasons Hotel Moscow.

Which is why mixologists at Moskovsky Bar have created a cocktail that honours the journey: the Trans-Siberian Express. The sharp flavours of Asian ginger, Russian sea buckthorn and rosemary mingle in a traditional railway cup of faceted glass contained by an ornate metal cupholder.

Like the Trans-Siberian Railway itself, the bar is an international affair. Wherever they’ve come from, patrons look out on Moscow’s iconic cityscape, including Red Square, Manzehnaya Square and the Kremlin.

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