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The palm-fringed room of the Champagne Bar reflects the soulful charm and glamour of The Surf Club’s early years, enhanced by a modern collection of imaginative cocktails and personable, knowledgeable team of experts. Also offering the largest selection of champagnes in Miami, this champagne club was a favourite destination for luminaries and celebrities, and its aura captures that golden moment in time.


Cocktail Service
12:00 noon – 12:00 midnight
Cocktails & Lounge Dining
12:00 noon – 10:30 pm
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Signature Cocktails

  • Orange drink with a spoon resting on the top.

    Savoia Americano, Mancino Sakura Vermouth, Pineapple, Coconut Oil

  • Glass shaped in a triangle with a bubble on the top.

    Milagro Tequila, Dry Vermouth, Guava

  • Drinking glass with dominos behind it.

    Diplomático Reserva Rum, Bread & Butter, Coffee Bitters

  • Drink on a bar table with foam at the top.

    No. 3 Gin, Akul Mezcal, Mancino Sakura Vermouth, Lemon, Lemongrass, Coconut Water

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