Connect to self and surroundings in the city’s best spa through local ingredients, traditional rituals and the balancing ideals of Enso for truly memorable Kyo no Iyashi (Kyoto healing).
Biodegradable Straw
Be transported to the ancient Heian Period, when Kyoto was Japan’s “Capital of Peace and Tranquillity,” through balancing treatments inspired by the Enso – or Zen – circle. Experience our Zen inspired rituals for balance, harmony and self-acceptance signature spa ceremonies. Royal Enso deeply immerses you in the elegant refinement of Miyabi with a stress-easing sake bath, aromatherapy massage and TATCHA facial, or try the traditional healing of an Arashiyama Kyoto Bamboo Massage.
Connect With Masters of Wellness
Discover inspiring new wellness experiences, techniques, traditions and rituals from all around the world via our annual program of Visiting Masters.
A Day of Well Feeling Program
An antidote to fast-paced living, our unique one-day program includes spa treatments, fitness centre, pool and spa tub access, and healthy food to restore the best version of yourself. Private yoga or personal trainer session is available with additional fee.
Dive into Japan's Bathing Culture
Bathing is considered a daily ritual of both purification and pleasure. Guests at Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto can enjoy a complimentary soothing ofuro (“hot bath”) and sauna on the Hotel’s wellness floor, B2 as well as at the spa. Bathing has long been considered a social activity with locals heading to one of the city’s sento (“public baths“) to catch up with neighbours. A few sensational sentos remain in Kyoto, such as the art-rich Funaoka Onsen Sento and Goko-yu Sento with its scalding hot sauna, perfect after a long hike.
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