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Meet The Team

A male chef standing on a rooftop with a city behind him.

Kevin Tanaka

Executive Chef
Hailing from Hawaii, Executive Chef Kevin Tanaka has worked in some of the finest hotels and restaurants throughout the Bay Area, allowing him to bring a wealth of experience to the property. His passion for farm-to-table principles are deep-rooted. He enjoys scouring local farmers markets in search of fresh and seasonal ingredients to inspire the dishes found on his next menu.

Michael Brown

Pastry Chef
A South Africa native, Pastry Chef Michael Brown oversees a team whose sweet and savoury creations are often the last impression for hotel guests, event attendees and MKT Restaurant & Bar patrons. With over a decade of experience, Chef Brown most recently was the pastry chef at Kith and Kin in Washington D.C. His signature style incorporates multiple flavours and textures with clean lines, so it’s no surprise his favourite dessert is Opera Torte for its precise design and and rich flavour.