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Lanai Adventures

Whether it’s by land, sea or sky, Lanai’s unspoiled island paradise comes with a healthy dose of adrenaline. Lace up your hiking shoes and explore the upland trails, swim with spinner dolphins in Hulopoe Bay, or see the dramatic cliffs and broad beaches from a soaring helicopter. Lanai Adventures can help you plan your perfect day.

Let the Adventure Begin

  • Small white airplane flies by large green mountain on Hawaii, Lanai coast
    Bird’s-Eye Views

    Soar above the mountains, rainforests and red lava cliffs of Lanai and circle the nearby Hawaiian islands of Maui, Molokai and Hawaii during a private helicopter ride or a hands-on, private, plane-flying session with Maui Flight Academy.

  • Three men on horses in pasture, rolling green hills in background
    Lanai by Horseback

    Saddle up and ride into the hills surrounding Koele, once the centre of ranching operations on the island, or explore the wooded valleys and trails of this extraordinary upland terrain, home to axis deer, mouflon sheep and turkey.

  • Snorkelling

    Spot the second-highest sea cliffs in the world before anchoring at your chosen snorkel destination, then ease into the water to explore coral-reef systems and submerged rocks teeming with tropical fish, green sea turtles and gentle reef sharks.

  • Blue four by four Jeep parked on dirt road overlooking canyon, hills
    4-by-4 Jeep Excursions

    Many of the island’s natural wonders are best reached by 4-by-4 vehicle. Rent a Jeep from Lanai Adventures and hit the dirt roads at your own pace with a picnic lunch in tow, or let one of our knowledgeable guides take you for a incredible ride.

By Land

The island’s contrasting landscapes offer natural motivation for exploring on foot. Take self-guided walks along short trails, or test your endurance during more strenuous climbs to stunning vistas.
Experience scenic Lanai on two wheels. Rent mountain bikes from Lanai Adventures and take to the red-dirt roads of the upland region, the coastal road along Keomuku Beach, or tour around Lanai City, the former pineapple-plantation town that’s now home to charming cafés and boutiques.
Enjoy your archery experience at the Lanai Archery and Shooting Range. A private, introductory lesson prepares you to take aim at traditional and 3-D archery targets from 5 to 25 yards away.
Sporting Clays
Set your aim on sporting clays launched to simulate duck, quail, dove, pheasant and hopping rabbits at the 14-station course in Lanai’s highlands. Competitive shooters will find plenty to challenge them amid the wooded course, while beginners and younger shooters can hone their skills with private instruction.

By Sea

Hulopoe Bay Beach and Marine Preserve
Steps from the Resort sits idyllic Hulopoe Beach, your destination for splashing, swimming and snorkelling. Lounge amid shady palms, spot dolphins and Hawaiian green sea turtles, and swim with schools of tropical reef fish. The protected marine preserve is among the best snorkelling and diving spots in Hawaii, so jump in and explore the underwater world.
Whale-Watching Expedition
This seasonal ocean adventure explores some of the most remote and unspoiled sites in Hawaii. Lanai is a haven for North Pacific humpback whales from December through April. Spot these fascinating mammals during a sailing adventure from a 360-degree viewing platform, and listen through a hydrophone to hear them sing.
Scuba Diving
Experienced divers from around the world come to Lanai for the Cathedrals, two magnificent underwater sites formed by lava flows just minutes from the Resort; but a range of other diverse sites keep them coming back, too.
Deep-Sea Fishing
Anglers seeking small- or big-game fish enjoy a sportsman’s paradise on Lanai, where the quarry is mahimahi, wahoo, yellowfin tuna and, occasionally, Pacific blue marlin.
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