Want to learn the ways of the ninja? How about making your own chibi-maru lantern with a 10th-generation Kojima master, or experiencing the alluring ritual of wearing a traditional kimono? Our dedicated Experience Creator opens the doors to some of the city’s most guarded and hard-to-access sites; or, let us create a custom guided tour to satisfy all your curiosities.

Tailor-Made Experiences

  • Zen Meditation

    A private zen meditation session led by the deputy head monk of Shoden-Eigen-in, located in the Kennin-ji Temple complex, is the perfect way to start the day.

  • Close-up of bottle, items wrapped in colourful Furoshiki cloth
    Discover the Art of Furoshiki

    Furoshiki is a long-standing practice, whereby a piece of cloth is wrapped and used as a vessel to transport objects. Learn the technique behind this chic, eco-friendly alternative to bags, then take your pick of a beautiful cloth to take home.

  • Close-up of kimono robe with floral print hanging over side of chair
    An Alluring Ritual

    Relax in the comfort of your room with a glass of Champagne while a style expert from one of the city’s finest purveyors presents your choice of traditional kimono robes and accessories, followed by hair and makeup before you head out for a special evening on the town.

  • Close-up of hands covered in clay making pottery
    Kiyomizu Pottery Making

    Kyoto long has been home to some of the country’s best ceramic artisans, who would produce the wares for tea masters from nearby temples.Try your hand at pottery making with a ceramic lesson from one of the city’s established studios, making your own creation from scratch using a potter’s wheel, or attending a ceramic-painting workshop.

Tea Ceremony
Experience the solemn art of a tea ceremony at our quaint tea house, Shakusui-tei, nestled in our historic ikeniwa, or pond garden. Here, get the traditional chashitsu (tea house) experience accompanied with explanations from our tea master for an immersive experience. Best of all, enjoy a cup of masterfully whisked tea in complete intimacy; an experience offered exclusively to guests of our Hotel. Please make your reservation at least one week in advance. JPY 8,000 per person *Subject to service charge and tax
Ninja Experience
Unleash your inner ninja during an expert-led training session where you’ll learn everything from breathing and meditation techniques to the handling of your tool of choice: Kunai or ninja swords, Shuriken stars or Fukiya blowdarts.
Make Your Own Chibi-Maru Artisan Lantern
Lighting the city for more than 220 years, Kobishiya Chube is a Kyoto institution and one of the city’s most esteemed lantern makers. Its handmade creations have been illuminating temples, shrines and the estates of samurais and merchants for centuries. Today, its lanterns can still be found all over the city. During this experience, gain access into the intimate Kobishiya Chube atelier where the art of lantern making retains age-old techniques. Witness artisans at work, handcrafting the lanterns as the Kobishiya Chube, 10th-generation lantern master hosts and teaches you the essentials to make your own mini lantern.
Monko – Listen to the Incense
Monko, literally translating as “listening to the incense,” can best be described as an incense-smelling party. A favourite pastime of nobles from Imperial times and before, it was the perfect excuse for a social gathering amongst acquaintances during which an assemblage of precious fragrant woods would be passed around, allowing each guest to guess the various scents as a form of entertainment. Monko remains a popular activity today, and an easy introduction awaits with the Sanshuko experience at an incense shop. During your session, three incense burners will be used, enabling a discovery of the rich smells of some of the more notorious precious woods such as aloeswood and kyara. Then, create your own nioi bukuro (scented sachets) – or take home some that are expertly prepared by the house’s masters.
Take Home a Personalized Kitchen Knife
Founded in the 1560s, Fujiwara Aritsugu was appointed the official knife maker to the Imperial House of Japan. While it originally focused its production to swords and carving knives, the kitchen knives and utensils made today use the same techniques as they did years ago. Best of all, they still offer the age-old tradition of engraving the owner’s name on the blade of each item sold. Aritsugu is located within the stellar Nishiki market. Make time to take a stroll and sample some of the best local foods before or after your purchase. Ask our Concierge for insider recommendations for foods and favourite stalls to find.
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