Private Aviation and Airport Lounges

Travel on Your Own Terms

Elevate your travel experience to Hawaii with a variety of private aviation options. Enjoy peace of mind and the highest safety standards in private travel, along with access to special pricing through our air charter partners for a secure and seamless flight. From customized trip planning to exclusive amenities, our partners ensure an inspiring escape to paradise.

Our private aviation partners


  • Private airport Suite seating area, car and runway in background through window
Four Seasons Hawaii is pleased to collaborate with PS LAX to reimagine the LAX airport experience. Located in a private terminal across the tarmac, PS LAX offers a back door to your aircraft, along with seamless security and TSA, and luxury amenities in your private suite before your flight.

PS LAX Amenities

  • Private suites with a two-person daybed, private restroom and complete food-service pantry
  • Head-of-State style escort across the tarmac
  • Direct transport to and from aircraft via fleet of BMW 7 Series vehicles
  • Bypass waiting and screening lines and board via private stairs and elevators
  • On-site TSA screening lane
  • On-site Customs and Immigration processing facility for international travellers
  • Complimentary TSA-approved miniatures and travel accessories
  • Facilities, including conference room, shower spa and outdoor recreational space
  • Massages and manicures (arranged upon request)