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Each drink at Hendricks Bar is lovingly crafted by our mixology artisans, inspired by the recipes of world traveller Sir James Hendricks. With elegant interiors and a soothing ambience conducive to conversation or contemplation, Hendricks Bar is an institution of experimental mixology made with the finest of spirits and the mightiest of touches.


12:00 noon – 3:00 am Last order for food at 2:00 am Last call for drinks at 2:30 am
For Guests 21+

Signature Drinks

  • A hand holding a coupe cocktail glass filled with a yellow liquid and garnished with a curled piece of cucumber on a toothpick
    Coco Mademoiselle
  • A hand reaches out of the darkness to drop dried cranberries onto a red-colored cocktail in a tall stemmed glass
    Crimson Sunbird
  • A golden-colored beverage in a rocks glass shown on a dark violet backdrop
    Golden Mirror
  • A tattooed arm reaches in from outside the frame and holds a rocks glass filled with an orange-colored cocktail on his outstretched hand
    In Our Time
  • A tall stemmed red wine glass holds a golden-colored cocktail with gold dust sprinkled on the right side of the glass
    Liquid Gold
  • A bright red beverage in a tall stemmed glass garnished with a long gold stirrer
  • A large rectangular ice cube splashes down into a high-ball glass filled almost to the top with a gold-colored beverage
  • Three shot glasses in a row, the one on the far left holding a brown beverage, the one in the middle holding a yellow beverage and the one on the right holding a carmel-colored beverage, are placed on a dark table in front of a painting of a white horse
    Three Musketeers
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Meet the Team

Portrait of bald man wearing a black suit jacket with a black t-shirt underneath, with hands crossed in front of him on a bar counter in front of a dimly lit background

Erion Bardhoci

Bar Manager
Erion's philosophy is that mixology is not just creating a drink, but rather a multi-sensory experience. Each of his creations tell a story and unleash a myriad of exciting flavours that explore new possibilities and elevate the experience into a culinary affair. With an international reputation for developing exciting bar programs in leading cities across the globe, Erion has also served some of the world’s most elite musicians and actors – and even English royalty – cementing his status as a world-class mixologist.

"From entertaining English royalty to sharing moments with Hollywood’s most prominent icons, here's what I’ve learned in hospitality: it’s not what we say or do, but how we make our guests feel that resonates eternally."


  • Wednesdays and Thursdays, 10:00 pm – 1:00 am

    Prohibition Nights

    Step into the shadows of the past at Hendricks' Prohibition Nights, where jazz echoes through the dimly lit halls of our hideaway. Rules are mere suggestions and inhibitions are left at the door as you sip on libations crafted with a touch of clandestine flair. As the live jazz band takes the stage, you are invited to indulge in the ways of the night.

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