Discover Sicily through a series of experiences we’ve tailor-made for our guests. Whether you’re a lover of nature and the night sky, or enjoy discovering a location through its people and food, we have an experience for you.
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  • Silhouette of stargazer leaning into telescope against a starry sky, milky way

Stargazing Safari

Let us take you to a remote area on Mount Etna to admire nature’s spectacle: the night sky. Etna has practically no light pollution, so you can enjoy an immaculate view of the stars. Accompanied by a local astrophysicist, you’ll learn to recognize Orion, Ursa Major, Cassiopeia, Centaurus, Perseus and other constellations while hearing tales of Greek mythology. To accompany your evening of stargazing, our Chef will prepare a meal of local wines and specialties. Afterwards, sink into comfort with blankets, pillows and mattresses laid out for your evening of astronomy and mythology.
  • A wooden dining table filled with various dishes and floral arrangements in a lush green vineyard with a mountain view

Mount Etna Helicopter Tour with Dinner

Experience the glamorous Sicilian lifestyle by setting off on a private Mount Etna helicopter tour. After flying over breathtaking Taormina and its surroundings, land at Cottanera, a fascinating family-run Sicilian winery, where you’ll embark on a personal wine tour. A table will await you among the vineyards, where you’ll be surrounded by verdant fields and the aroma of grapes. Enjoy the Mt. Etna sunset while sipping Sicilian sparkling wine, as the Cottanera staff illustrates the characteristics of Etna’s wines. After tasting your aperitivo al fresco, have dinner inside, where you’ll experience the fruits of Etna’s fertile terroir in an elegant setting while enjoying views of the magnificent mountain, Lady Etna.
  • Large room with tropical plants, contemporary furnishings, an arched stone wall and artwork in the distance

Behind the Scenes of Noto

The city of Noto, a Sicilian gem nestled amid orange groves, almond orchards and ancient olive trees, is renowned for its baroque architecture. Be transported into the world of Sergio Fiorentino, a Sicilian virtuoso whose artistry breathes life into water, stone and human forms, where they gracefully emerge and dissolve. After meeting the artist at his atelier, take an insider’s tour of Noto by Samuele Mazza – a local luminary. Over an authentic Sicilian lunch, Mazza will share his visionary perspective on Sicily and its journey towards excellence, spanning the realms of tourism, gastronomy and enology.
  • View of Taormina town on hillside, overlooking the sea

Eat the Volcano

This is the ultimate foodie experience for those who want to taste and experience the richness and variety of the fruits of Etna. Accompanied by an expert guide, you’ll journey onto Etna to explore its fertile terroir. The first stop is a village on the slopes of Mount Etna, where you’ll visit a historic butcher shop, discover how sausages are made and taste fresh ricotta paired with warm bread. From there, you’ll spend some time foraging for seasonal wild vegetables and herbs. Your next stop is a stunning vineyard, where you’ll enjoy a wine tasting and three-course meal. During your tasting, the kitchen staff will prepare the bounty you have foraged for your lunch. At the end of this spectacular day, you can actually say you, “ate the volcano.”

Sicilian Sushi Masterclass

Learn to make Sicilian sushi with our culinary team. Our chef or a senior member of his team will personally take you to Catania’s bustling fish market to shop for the freshest fish. You’ll also be accompanied by a guide who’ll share some cultural and historic highlights about the fish market and surrounding area. Upon returning to the Hotel, our team will teach you how to make Sicilian sushi and sashimi using local ingredients. Your lesson ends with a feast of your own creations, paired with wine from Etna as suggested by our sommelier.
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