Where nature replenishes the soul and inspires new adventure

Our nature reserve spans 1,214 hectares (3,000 acres) and features 10 kilometres (6 miles) of coastline, making it an incomparable setting for discovery and freedom. With a deep respect for the environment (only 2% of the reserve is developed), we serve as the guardians of this vast natural sanctuary and as your guides to it. Our activities have been personally curated to allow you to experience this utopia and define the Tamarindo experience. Here, time goes by more slowly, and each moment of exploration brings you closer to everything and everyone around you.

Explore Tamarindo

For Kids and Teens

  • Caramelo: Inspire a Sense of Wonder

    Tamarindo is a school of nature, full of wonders and possibilities for fun and discovery. At Caramelo, our Kids For All Seasons activity area, kids will find out how to identify birds and discover where eggs come from, make juice from the fruit they pick themselves and learn about the littlest creatures and the tallest trees. The stars of Caramelo are Nacho and Lola, our resident explorers, who will guide our little travellers through experiences that inspire play, exploration and education. Every evening, Caramelo offers a curated program of activities for our youngest and most curious minds, while parents can enjoy the unique culinary experiences of Tamarindo.
  • A black and white image of two young boys sitting on the beach and play with sand

    Escondite: Not just a space, but an identity

    Escondite, designed alongside our consultant Marco, aged 13, is a hideaway with the latest technology and the freedom of our vast reserve. Teen guests will find their own refuge and identity in this space, created for connection and adventure, where nature and energy set the stage for lifelong friendships and memories.

Meet the Team

Man walking in forest among tall trees

Paco León

Resident Biologist
Recognizing guests by name is a pillar of Four Seasons anticipatory service. Francisco Javier León González, better known as “Paco,” manages it just fine, though as our resident biologist, his focus is more on arrivals with four legs, feathers and fins. Paco and his team will lead guests through the reserve, opening eyes to animal tracks, ears to calls and birdsongs and noses to the scents of flowers. Ask him anything about the reserve’s reptiles, birds, mammals or the more than 70 endemic species of flora and fauna. If you catch Paco at his desk (a rare scene) you might have a look at his “jar of creatures” – a collection he's been nurturing since he landed in Tamarindo.

“Our mission is to share nature in order to protect nature – helping future generations learn how to ‘rewild’ the land to preserve all the endemic fauna, flora and animal species.”

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