Each handmade item at Almanaque Natural tells a story, and we want to share every one with you. Our boutique is a window into the vast and varied landscape of Mexican design, where textiles, pottery, houseware and toys speak of our country’s rich tradition of popular art and its vibrant, creative present. With a deep respect for designers and artisans, we have created a space for introspection and learning. These pieces come together to represent the Tamarindo lifestyle. Here, luxury lies in what is handmade, what is unique and what comes from the soul.
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  • Boutique with illuminated grid-style shelves
  • One wooden and one marble mortar and pestle

Lasting friendships

The more than 50 artisans and brands whose pieces you will find at Almanaque Natural have been carefully curated by Taller Maya, a Mexican design collective with a deep commitment to sustainability and fair trade with 20 years of experience. Our goal is to showcase the very best of Mexican craftsmanship and contemporary design, while creating a lasting relationship with each brand and artisan, and a positive social and economic impact.

Meet Our Makers

Here are five brands whose work and imagination capture the essence of Tamarindo. If you purchase a large piece that you cannot fit in your luggage, shipment is available worldwide.
Ensamble Artesano
Made up of 36 organizations and projects across the country, Ensamble Artesano is a collaborative platform that seeks to create a space of cooperation and exchange through design, fair trade and creative production. Tablecloths, napkins, tortilla holders and wool toys are among the unique pieces you can find at the boutique.
Ate con Queso
These books are made for playing, and with delightful stories and colourful illustrations, they will bring hours of fun and discovery to your children. The books’ unique paper-like material means they won’t break or cause paper cuts, and you can even bring them to the pool. Want to hear a happy ending? For each book sold, a family in need gets one too.
Básicos de México
Simple yet stylish, this brand’s garments are produced with top-quality Mexican materials. Their commitment stands with their workers, making sure they are paid fairly, and with the environment through a fabric-recycling program. Find soft Tamarindo sweatshirts and T-shirts made exclusively for us by Básicos de México.
Inspired by nature’s raw materials, Caralarga produces spectacular textiles of the most unexpected shapes and sizes, from earrings and necklaces to large-format decorative pieces. Each creation shows the natural beauty found in cotton and the priceless value of handmade work.
Estudio Pomelo
Motivated by the magic of daily life, the Guadalajara-based team at Estudio Pomelo creates original items that are as functional as they are beautiful and meaningful. Each piece is handmade, including their ceramic jars, tequila shot glasses, flower vases and rugs.
Contact our boutique team. +52 (357) 689 0095 Email