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Spa and Wellness

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Spa Services


A sanctuary of privileged perfection. Soft whispers tell the secret of our private Spa Villas and sensuous bathing ritual, an enchanting haven for the mind and body; a getaway for silence and seclusion. This remedy of calm introduces you to an alluring world in which only you exist.


ELEMIS’ award-winning facials use the power of touch and groundbreaking BIOTEC technology to switch skin back on, increasing its natural cellular energy. Explore how touch and technology can transform the ever-changing nature of your skin.


There’s a freedom that can be found in the one massage that will soothe your stress and release tension. Our expert touch melts away life’s pressures, an antidote for the care your body requires. The healing calm for the busy body.

Couples & Pregnancy

One treatment always for two, designed for the love of your baby and you. Nurture the love, bring it to life. Indulge in the moment – be it with your love, baby, husband or wife.


Vitality is an adventure ready to be explored. It strengthens, it nourishes, it energises. Our selection of therapies is vital to your skin and body. Become one with nature and allow it to nurture you. Because there is only one of you in all time.


Because every man deserves time to himself. These men only services are designed to relax, restore and recover. It’s our secret to male survival.


There is beauty in simplicity, and simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. So why not simply care for your nails and personal style? It’s the one boost of confidence everyone simply needs.

Daily Yoga

Join us at the Fitness Centre each morning at 8:00 am for a complimentary class.

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Relaxation Experiences