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Four Seasons Resort Oahu at Ko Olina
Four Seasons Resort Oahu is delighted to celebrate Hawaii’s vibrant and diverse art scene through a variety of immersive experiences and guest touch points woven throughout the Resort. Anchored by a modern Hawaiian cosmopolitan vibe, our art-centric Resort aims to inspire and cultivate the arts, showcasing a myriad of Hawaii-based artists. From our Artist in Residence program – featuring a gallery exhibition in the lobby – to bespoke menus, curated installations in the Spa and artisan workshops, Four Seasons is honoured to partner with talented local artists.

Nick Kuchar – Artist in Residence

As the Artist in Residence at Four Seasons Resort Oahu, Nick Kuchar showcases his fine art collection throughout the Resort, from the Artist in Residence exhibit and the adult pool cabanas to the Instagram-worthy Dr. Mai Tai’s swim-up bar.  The Artist in Residence program, which launched in 2017, is a fine art gallery exhibition that celebrates Hawaii’s vibrant, diverse art scene and connects artisans with our guests for workshops and lectures. Nick, an admired Oahu-based artist, is renowned for his vintage-inspired surf and travel art. Working in a timeless mid-century modern style, Nick seamlessly intersects the past with a modern twist through his illustrations. His collection of work at Four Seasons is a “visual love letter to Oahu” and includes celebrated locations on the western coastline such as Kaena Point, Makaha and Pokai Bay. His nostalgic aesthetic draws inspiration from the early days of surfing and beach culture, including a soothing vintage colour palette made up of serene ocean aquas and golden sunset yellows.  When he’s not in his studio or hanging poolside creating art at Four Seasons, Nick can be found spending time with his family at the beach, surfing and enjoying Oahu’s sunsets.

Kris Goto – Artist, Illustrator, Surfer

  • Kris Goto artist

Kris Goto is an accomplished artist, muralist and illustrator. Born in Kagoshima, Japan, she spent her adolescence in Hong Kong and New Zealand before moving to Hawaii in 2006. Kris’ work is influenced by manga art, a form of Japanese-style comic writing and illustrations, that ultimately led to her distinct style and foundation featuring detailed penmanship and characterization. Her whimsical art is inspired by Hawaii’s local island lifestyle and the melding of cultures in Hawaii. Detailed, monochromatic penwork is blended with splashes of colour. Kris has exhibited her work and painted murals around the world, including France, Japan and right here in Hawaii.

Four Seasons Resort Oahu is honoured to collaborate with Kris and feature her designs on the In-Room Dining menu.

Steven Kean – Printmaker, Art Educator, Surfer, Ocean Lover

A Pennsylvania native residing on the North Shore of Oahu since 2008, Steven Kean is a renowned printmaker and art educator. He works primarily in the woodcut printmaking method, a technique where the artist carves into a block of wood, leaving raised areas to receive ink, followed by printing on paper. Kean’s work is a collection of wave and coastal studies using this technique. Inspired by his love of the ocean, the woodcut prints are an exploration into the dichotomy of stillness versus movement, translating a symbiotic connection between human and water into visual language.

Four Seasons Resort Oahu is honoured to collaborate with Steven and feature his designs at Hokulea Lounge and Noe, as well as on Manalo Lounge’s menus.

Kristen Reyno – Lola Pilar Hawaii

Kristen Reyno is a renowned photographer, artist and founder of Lola Pilar Hawaii. Paying homage to Hawaii’s heritage and her upbringing in Oahu, surrounded by nature and the ocean, her contemporary photographs are inspired by vintage Hawaiian quilts with a contemporary twist. Using a bounty of fresh local flowers and fruits, Kristen creates detailed photograph designs that echo Hawaiian quilt patterns of the past.

Four Seasons Resort Oahu is honoured to collaborate with Kristen and feature her designs throughout Naupaka Spa & Wellness Centre, which includes exclusive Lola Pilar scarves and custom pickleball paddles. Her work is also featured on the Resort’s in-room bags.

Christian Bendo – Resin Artist

  • Christian Bendo with skateboard

Artist Christian Bendo’s philosophy, “Once an island boy, always an island boy,” is evident in his intricate designs that capture the spirit of the ocean and offer a lasting memory of Hawaii’s beauty. Inspired by his childhood on the island of Guam, Christian’s art features a mixed medium of resin paint and local woods, ranging from lychee and monkeypod to mango wood. His paintings capture abstract scenes of the ocean and the sea life below. In addition to his fine art, Christian also creates custom longboard skateboards that feature his ocean-inspired resin designs. Not only are the boards rideable, but they also make idyllic art pieces.

Four Seasons Resort Oahu is honoured to collaborate with Christian and feature his resin skateboards at Kids For All Seasons, along with an exclusive weekly artisan workshop for guests.