Our robust ESG governance structure includes our Board’s ESG Committee, our Executive-level ESG Steering Committee, and ESG Working Groups comprised of departmental leaders from across the business.

Our ESG governance structure

  • ESG Board Committee

    The ESG Committee of our Board of Directors meets at least quarterly to review ESG progress and provide strategic guidance
  • ESG Steering Committee

    Comprised of our CEO and members of our Executive Leadership Team, meeting every six weeks to oversee our ESG strategy and ensure alignment with overall corporate strategy and operational needs
  • ESG Core team

    Departmental leadership responsible for developing our ESG strategy and guiding programs

    For Environmental Impact, Social Impact and DIB, comprised of leaders responsible for implementing our programs across our global operations

At a Glance

  • This image depicts the ESG governance committee structure at Four Seasons.

Policies and expectations

In 2021, we updated our existing Human Rights Policy and Supplier Code of Conduct to align more closely with internationally recognized standards and best practices. We also created a new Environmental Policy to govern our environmental management across our global operations. These policies, along with our Employee Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, establish our expectations that our employees, business partners and suppliers will adhere to the highest standards of conduct across our environmental and social efforts.

Refer to our 2021 ESG Summary Report for additional information on our Governance efforts.