Our Commitment

At Four Seasons, we’ve always been guided by the Golden Rule – to treat others how we want to be treated. Showing our planet and the communities around us the same level of love and kindness is part of this commitment. Our desire to create a positive impact through every action, every day, is driven by our genuine heart – because we don’t just want to be the best in the world, we need to be the best for the world. It’s in our nature to do good in exceptional ways. This is Four Seasons for Good.
  • This image depicts Four Seasons founder, Isadore Sharpe, greeting staff at Four Seasons Resort Palm Beach, the home to many great ESG initiatives.

Our company was founded in 1960 by Isadore Sharp, a young Canadian architect who believed in only operating medium-sized hotels of exceptional quality with an objective to be the best.

As Isadore expanded the company into what soon became one of the world’s leading luxury hospitality brands, he never lost sight of his guiding principle of the Golden Rule – the simple idea that we should treat others the way we would want to be treated. Today, Isadore Sharp’s vision remains deeply embedded in our company’s culture and provides the foundation for our ESG programs.

Isadore and his wife Rosalie are active philanthropists, having donated money, time and public support to both local and global causes for decades. At our managed properties and corporate offices, employees have demonstrated the Golden Rule through years of philanthropic and environmental partnerships benefitting their local communities.

We partner with other sustainability leaders within and outside of our industry to collectively drive positive change. We do this by striving for high standards of sustainability in our own operations and by collaborating through industry groups and across our supply chain. We partner with a number of social enterprises and non-profits such as Clean the World, World Wildlife Fund and Food Rescue US, and participate in the following industry organizations:

In addition to our many other collaborative efforts with conservation groups, scientific experts and community organizations, Four Seasons is proud to join other leading global businesses in contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

The SDGs, adopted by the United Nations in 2015, are a collection of 17 global goals aimed at improving the planet and the quality of human life around the world by the year 2030.

We recognize that our managed properties and operations have the potential to intersect with all 17 SDGs – and in keeping with our values and purpose, we’re committed to exploring opportunities to pursue an even wider range of positive contributions in the years ahead. At present, we’re working to make the greatest impact we can by focusing our efforts on the following six global goals: