The Culture that Connects Us

What does the enchanting rhythm of Hawaiian culture feel like? The sense of aloha can be truly understood only from experience and through stories that have travelled from mouths to ears for thousands of years. Stories like ours bring the Hawaiian Islands to life in countless ways, and it takes people like you to keep them alive. Now it’s your turn to hear from Uncle Earl, Beth, Anela and Kahōkū. We invite you to “talk story” with us and discover the culture that connects us all.

The Stories Have Just Begun...

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  • Heritage through dancing

    Kahōkū was heartbroken when his grandfather passed away, afraid that his family’s traditions would be lost. As an adult, he began studying Hawaiian language and culture, and now he carries on his grandfather’s legacy through doing – and dancing.

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  • Share Aloha

    As a boy, Earl’s mother tasked him with two things: to respect all living things, and to share the knowledge of his people with future generations. Now he passes on the traditions of his ancestors and teaches people the often unseen history of Hawaii.

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  • Reconnecting with the land

    Anela’s grandfather was her best friend, and one of the last real cowboys on Lana‘i. When he and her father passed away, she worried that the family legacy would be lost. She took this as a sign that the warmth and genuine love of aloha needed to be restored. Now she makes her parents proud by sharing her traditions on horseback.

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  • Connecting through learning

    Beth felt a gripping connection with Hawaii after visiting with friends and decided to make it her forever home. After immersing herself in the culture and spending time exploring the islands’ natural wonders, she now passes on her knowledge to younger generations.

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