On our island, take time to turn off and tune in. Journey away from the stresses of everyday life and make positive changes in your lifestyle, attitude and personal focus. Enjoy complimentary wellness experiences and fitness classes suitable for all levels. Private training sessions are also available.


Full Body Stretch: Stretch the body, roll out tension and relax the mind through controlled breathing while holding poses. This relaxation session is sure to invigorate and center you for the rest of the day.

Restorative Sound Healing: Enjoy a Gentle Flow Yoga class with the use of sound bowls.

Rest & Reiki: Enjoy a class focused on restorative stretch, meditation and Reiki.

Meditation & Fitness: Find your centre during a guided mediation session, discover vibrational balance with sound healing or allow our expert instructors to customize a private wellness session just for you.

Yoga Classes


Explore our fitness options at the Resort.

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