The Botanical Gardens at Four Seasons Resort Lanai feature a rich variety of tree, shrub and plant species – many native to Hawaii. Our landscaping ohana nurtures them to encourage regrowth of the plants, including pohuehue, or beach morning glory, and Naupaka, a white-flowered plant that blooms in halves. According to moolelo or legend, the union of two halves of these flowers bring together the incarnation of an ancient Hawaiian separated from her lover. Visit our gardens, and discover more botanic symbolism – and endless botanic beauty – right here on our Resort’s grounds.
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  • Curated with Care

    Stroll through 12 densely plotted acres of gardens that contain a variety of plants, including cycads, palms, bamboos, ferns, orchids and anthuriums. The tropical herbaceous Alpinia purpurata, or red ginger, shown here flaunts red bracts that may look like the bloom, but the true bloom is the small white flower on top.
  • From Just a Seed

    Our Director of Landscaping, Robert Woodman, has always had a connection to the soil. As a young boy he had a penchant for digging holes all over his mum’s garden, until his grandfather showed him the art of properly growing tomatoes. This passion for all things green led to a position in one of the world’s most prestigious horticultural establishments: Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, United Kingdom. During his tenure there, he gained valuable skills in plant cultivation, and joined expeditions around the world to collect new plants for taxonomic study, and travelled to other gardens across the United States before settling down in Lanai, Hawaii.
  • A Word from the Curator

    “The landscapes of Four Seasons Resorts Lanai are equally important to the design of the buildings, presenting a wonderful harmony throughout. Guests meander through a setting that is not your standard arrangement of basic plants and generic landscape design, but rather a collection of plants mostly seen in botanic gardens or private collections. It is almost like you experience the greenery as a guest staying in someone’s private home, curated with great care and love.” – Robert Woodman, Director of Landscaping
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