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Underwater Adventures

Join us for underwater adventures below the surface of Bora Bora's turquoise lagoon, where you'll spot colourful marine life during guided excursions and customizable diving experiences.

Underwater Adventures

  • Scuba Diving

    Uncover the lagoon's natural beauty and the outer reef's coral wall on a guided tour with a dive instructor. Or, learn the basics in the protected waters of the Four Seasons inner lagoon.

  • Three scuba divers prepare to jump from the back of a small white boat
    Diveasy Private Diving

    Customize your diving experience with a private boat, instructor and captain at your disposal. Perfect for families, groups and couples (from beginners to certified divers) this bespoke journey will be arranged by your crew based on what you want to see and experience.

  • Snuka Snorkel

    A cross between SCUBA and snorkelling, Snuka allows you to venture underwater without having to carry tanks and diving equipment.

  • Outrigger Canoe Tour

    Discover Bora Bora with Herenui, one of the most remarkable guides and storytellers on the island. Proud of his culture and traditions, Herenui invites you to explore his waters and fenua (land) during a Polynesian journey accompanied by the sounds of a ukulele.

  • Snorkelling Tour

    Discover the teeming sea life of Bora Bora's waters on a guided snorkelling tour, where you'll learn about the lagoon's ecosystem while exploring the island's best coral gardens.

  • Snorkelling woman swims above a manta ray in Snorkel Safari lagoon
    Semi-Private Ray & Shark Snorkel Safari

    After an outrigger canoe ride out to the lagoon, feel the thrill of swimming with black-tip reef sharks and majestic sting rays with a guide.

More Underwater Excursions

Helmet Dive
Experience what it's like to walk in a true natural aquarium, 10 to 12 feet beneath the surface of the lagoon.
Submarine Scooter
Unique to French Polynesia, our two-seat submarine scooter lets you embark on an underwater adventure 10 feet below the surface of the lagoon. Explore vibrant marine life from the comfort of an aerated observation bubble.
Discover a new way to explore the underwater world on a private Snuka excursion. Snuka is a cross between SCUBA and snorkeling – allowing you to be underwater without the hassle of carrying tanks and bulky diving equipment. Your instructor will give a short briefing before diving alongside you as you take in the magical underwater world of Bora Bora. Choose from visiting the Manta rays, the sharks or the Coral Garden.
Pure Snorkeling & Water Lunch
Discover the lagoon of Bora Bora and view magical sea life and learn about the eco-system of the lagoon on a guided snorkelling tour. Explore the best coral gardens around the Island, where you may even have the opportunity to admire gracious manta rays. Enjoy a stop in the middle of the lagoon for lunch, featuring local dishes, perfect views of Mount Otemanu and your feet in the water.

Explore with a Marine Biologist

  • School of tropical yellow and white Butterfly fish swimming in lagoon

    Discover the Lagoon Sanctuary

    Led by our WiseOceans marine biologist, the Lagoon Sanctuary offers activities for guests of all ages — snorkelling, coral grafting, discussions on Polynesian ecology and more. Take a guided snorkelling tour of the lagoon sanctuary, which is home to over 100 species of marine life and is always open for exploration. Learn about our marine environment and how you can contribute to preserving this magical underwater ecosystem.

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