For a day away from the water, enjoy air or land adventures offered in Bora Bora. View the lagoon and coral islets from up above on a parasail or during a skydive, or explore the main island on a 4x4 safari.
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From Air to Land

  • Guests walk on the beach before boarding the Tahiti Nui Helicopter for an island tour
    Helicopter Tour

    See Bora Bora and surrounding islands via Tahiti Nui Helicopters, and enjoy a 10-, 20- or 30-minute sightseeing flight. Or transfer from one island to another, using the Resort’s private helipad, for a true VIP flight experience.

  • 4x4 Safari

    Explore Bora Bora with Vavau Safari and discover the culture, history, fauna and flora of Bora Bora. For example did you know Bora Bora used to be called Vavau? On this tour, you’ll explore the World War II sites and cannons from the friendly American takeover of the Island in 1942, learn about the ancient temples of the great Tahitian society built around 1000 AD, and hear the many legends of the Island.

  • ATV Excursion

    Join our Polynesian guide for a unique opportunity to discover stunning Bora Bora. Enjoy a guided ATV ride, leading you off the beaten path to enjoy the hidden trails and sacred mountain of the “First Born” island.

More Activities

Soar above this idyllic paradise and discover an abundance of shapes and shades. From this height you’ll experience a feeling of total serenity and freedom. Learn to recognize the different colours of the Island – the crystal turquoise of the lagoon; the ultra-pale white of the sand, surf and reef; and the dark sapphire expanse of the Pacific.
Jump from a minimum height of 10,000 feet, securely harnessed to your personal instructor. A 15-minute briefing will give you the basics of free fall, so get ready for 40 – 50 seconds of pure pleasure at over 120 mph. After the parachute opens, the magic continues with breathtaking views for up to seven minutes as you float back to Earth.
Car or Scooter Rental
Rent an air-conditioned car or enjoy a motorized scooter to discover the beauty of Bora Bora on your own.