Culture & Tradition

at Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora

French Polynesian culture and tradition run deep, as does the locals’ pride in sharing it. They preserve and celebrate their rich and colourful history with genuine warmth, friendliness and generosity. At Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora, we’ve created an environment where the elements of Polynesian culture can be seen, experienced and enjoyed.
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Resort highlights

  • Hiroa Tumu Cultural Program

    Led by Cultural Ambassador Samuel Fiu, our Hiroa Tumu Cultural Program includes private experiences, a calendar of daily and weekly interactive classes, and workshops to introduce you to the traditions of the Polynesian people.
  • Black pearls

    The Tahitian black pearl, known locally as poerava, is renowned around the world as one of nature’s most beautiful and mysterious treasures. Dive deep into the pearl experience at Tahia, our pearl boutique developed by pearl expert and jewellery designer Tahia Hering. Here, you’ll learn about the process of pearl formation and the characteristics that make black pearls unique.
  • Tamari’i portraits

    Tamari’i, our collaboration with local photographer Sadry Ghacir, invites you to discover the heart and soul of of our Resort through a unique collection of staff portraits. We’re offering complimentary high-resolution versions of these portraits to be enjoyed and shared at home.
  • Parataito

    Parataito – “paradise” in Tahitian – is the official anthem of our Resort. Its music video, filmed by Sadry Ghacir, features music, lyrics and choreography created by our staff, and exudes the warmth of Polynesian hospitality, kindness and generosity.
  • Botanical trail

    Explore the flora and fauna of our island on a self-guided botanical trail. Each of the 35 locations on the trail includes an information panel showcasing the diversity of plant and tree life.
  • Tatau

    The ancient art of tatau (tattoo) was traditionally performed by dipping a wooden comb outfitted with fine needles made of bone or tortoise shell into the soot of a burned candlenut. The comb was then tapped with a wooden handle, causing the ink to colour the skin. The sound of the handle tapping the comb inspired the name “tatau.” Tataus indicated the passage from childhood to adulthood, family history, social status and profession. The more tataus people had, the more respect they held from others. Traditional and more modern methods are available for guests who would like to take home a permanent souvenir.

History & language

Annual cultural celebrations

  • Pareo Day (May)
  • Heiva i Bora Bora festival (June/July)
  • Heiva Showcase at Four Seasons (August)
  • Hawaiki Nui Va’a race (November)
  • Tiare Day (December)

Meet our cultural ambassador

Samuel Fui

Cultural ambassador
Born and raised in Tahiti, Samuel Fiu has been surrounded by music, dance and tradition his entire life. As a Polynesian, his Maohi culture taught him everything from song and dance to traditional massage, weaving and fishing. While his career initially began in the technology sector, he later found his true calling as a steward of Tahitian culture and eventually found his way to our Resort, where he oversees our cultural programming.
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