Join us for underwater adventures below the surface of Bora Bora's turquoise lagoon, where you'll spot colourful marine life during guided excursions and customizable diving experiences.

Underwater Adventures

  • Ray & Shark Snorkel Safari

    Hop aboard an outrigger canoe and embark on a trip to discover Bora Bora, its culture and traditions. You’ll depart on a memorable journey to discover the Island, the lagoon and the legends of the fenua (land), kept in rhythm by the sounds of the ukulele. Stop by a motu (small island) to experience a traditional Polynesian lunch featuring local specialities.

  • Pure Snorkelling

    Discover the exceptional lagoon of Bora Bora on this guided snorkelling tour. View the magical sea life and learn about the eco-system of the lagoon. This unforgettable snorkelling experience explores the best coral gardens around the Island, where you may even have the opportunity to admire the gracious Manta rays.

  • Chauffered Boat

    Play navigator and explore the Island on your own, with the guidance of a captain, on an as-directed powerboat. During the excursion, you may want to ask him to drop the anchor, so you can jump in the water – or stop in the town of Vaitape for shopping and a relaxing lunch – it’s all up to you on this incredible way to explore Bora Bora.

More Underwater Excursions

Helmet Dive
Experience what it's like to walk in a true natural aquarium, 10 to 12 feet beneath the surface of the lagoon.
Submarine Scooter
Unique in French Polynesia, a lagoon discovery adventure with your own two-seater submarine scooter is an experience to remember. You’ll explore the colourful lagoon from 10 feet below the surface.
Snorkeling Jet
Experience vast open spaces and pure freedom with your own snorkeling jet. Discover an invigorating underwater adventure.
Discover a new way to explore the underwater world on a private SNUKA excursion, ideal for couples. A cross between SCUBA and snorkelling, SNUKA allows you to be underwater without carrying tanks and bulky diving equipment.
Sunset Cruise
Begin your evening with a tour of Bora Bora's lagoon and conclude with a majestic sunset. Stop between the famous Motu Tapu and the Teavanui Pass to savour a glass of Champagne while the sun disappears behind the ocean line.

Explore with a Marine Biologist

  • Wide-lens upward view from underwater of a school of small, brightly-coloured fish swimming above a reef of tentacled corals.

    Discover the Lagoon Sanctuary

    Led by our WiseOceans marine biologist, the Lagoon Sanctuary offers activities for guests of all ages — snorkelling, coral grafting, discussions on Polynesian ecology and more. Take a guided snorkelling tour of the lagoon sanctuary, which is home to over 100 species of marine life and is always open for exploration. Learn about our marine environment and how you can contribute to preserving this magical underwater ecosystem.
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