An integral part of the character of the Resort is puro talento Mexicano, the celebration of Mexican talent across all design disciplines, beginning with a partnership between the country’s greatest contemporary architects, Victor Legorreta and Mauricio Rocha, who came together as LegoRocha specifically for this project. 

LegoRocha, along with lead interior designers Uribe Krayer and Estudio Esterlina, have infused every space and touchpoint with elements of pre-Hispanic culture and contemporary Mexican aesthetics. The team was also joined by landscape designer Mario Schjetnan and restaurant designers Esrawe Studio and Bibiana Huber to complete the Resort’s contemporary Mexican aesthetics.

From employee fashion by Mexico City-based designer Kris Goyri to tableware, hammocks, hampers, candles and countless functional items and decorative details handmade by philanthropic alliances throughout the country, guests will feel connected to Mexico’s rich heritage and modern lifestyle at every turn.

Tamarindo’s authentic connection to Mexico is celebrated by our Resort’s architecture, design, experiences and team. An integral part of the property’s character is the celebration of Mexican design across all disciplines. We have created a collaboration of the very best Mexican talent – puro talento Mexicano – which guarantees quality but also showcases the country’s revered artisans.

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