We continue to implement our enhanced health and safety program, Lead With Care. Grounded in health care expertise, the program provides guests with added comfort and care as well as a worry-free travel experience.

 All guests at our hotels and resorts (age 10 and above) will be required to wear a mask or face covering when in public indoor spaces on property and when receiving service while in your guest room. Masks are strongly recommended for children aged 2-9 years old.

Whether as a departure requirement or simply for peace of mind, access to COVID-19 testing is available during your stay. For further testing details, pricing information or to arrange your COVID-19 test, please contact the Front Desk.

Find Available Services

Open Dining Options
Marcus Restaurant + Terrace
In-Room Dining
In Room Dining
In-Room Dining
In-Room Dining & Available At Your Door Service
Pool Facilities & Services
Open - Treatments & Facilities
Fitness Centre
Babysitting Services
Temporarily Unavailable - reopening May 10, 2021
Group Bookings
Available For Group Bookings Accepting Group Reservations From May 10, 2021
Regulated Maximum Gathering Size
Anticipated Date Of Regulated Gathering Size Increasing
February 15, 2021
Meeting & Event Set-Ups
Managed Flow

General Hotel

Evening Turndown On Request Only
Airport Transportation
Self Parking & Valet
Please contact the property directly for full details (514) 843-2500

Travel Advisories

Learn more about travel advisories, entry requirements, quarantine measures and health and safety policies using the interactive tool below. This tool can also be used to search for destinations that are open for travel based on your departure city.

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