The art collection at Four Seasons Hotel Montreal was carefully chosen to create a surrealistic landscape – an urban garden – within the walls of our Hotel. Discover selected works from local and international artists through a curated art tour.

Featured Artists

  • White and gold petals hang suspended in the center of the Hotel's inner courtyard
    Pascale Girardin

    “Contemplation” (2019)

    The head of her own atelier, Pascale Girardin is a prolific artist and designer based in Montreal. She leads her team of collaborators in the creation of pieces ranging from ceramic sculptures to monumental installations, such as “Contemplation,” located in the inner courtyard. The suspended stream of petals falls in a timeless manner down nine floors, creating a harmonious flow anchored in time. Designed for the opening of the Hotel, the installation reflects elegance characterizing both the work of Girardin and the legacy of Four Seasons.
  • A bright-pink spiky flower with thick, dark-green leaves sprouts from a tiger-head vase
    Chromogenic Curmudgeons: Evergon and Jean-Jacques Ringuette

    “Tigris Fantastica” (2017–2018)

    Chromogenic Curmudgeons is a photography partnership between internationally acclaimed Montreal-based artist Evergon and long-time friend and collaborator Jean-Jacques Ringuette. “Housebound: Portraits From the Winter Garden,” their most recent project, was started in 2017 and features a series of still-life images that offer a sense of intimacy through the connection between nature and indoor space in a deliberately unhurried manner. Portraits of houseplants, flawed and irregular, mirror the slower approach to quotidian life, and can be seen in the 10th- through 12th-floor corridors.
  • A dark-brown long wig hangs from the edge of a curved piece of wood with three long green stems holding small pink flowers wrapped with a black string on the other end, all on a bright yellow backdrop
    Michelle Bui

    “Delicate Bonding” (2017)

    Michelle Bui’s creative approach revolves around investigating the juncture between the natural world and consumption culture. With an in-depth visual exploration of mundane objects, Bui’s photography reflects sensitivity through sculptural composition. The juxtaposition of organic and artificial material is re-contextualized and creates an imaginative sense of refinement, in perfect homogeneity with the atmosphere of the Hotel. The collection is exhibited in the corridors from the 6th to the 9th floor.
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