Hot Air Balloon In Colorful Sunrise Sky

colorful hot air balloon in a sunrise sky

Flying High: 7 Hot-Air Balloon Rides for Breathtaking Views

A bird’s-eye view of some of the world’s most compelling landscapes – the plains of the Serengeti, the snow-capped peaks of Megève – can give you a fresh perspective.

A ride in a hot-air balloon perfectly balances a thrilling adventure and a peaceful way to shift your outlook. Watch for wild animals from high above the iconic Serengeti savannah. Soar over the rolling hills of wine country in Napa Valley. Marvel at Mexico’s ancient pyramids of Teotihuacán. We’ve rounded up some of the most striking landscapes around the globe to enjoy by hot-air balloon.

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A Safari by sky in the Serengeti

When on safari, you occasionally have to be creative to get a good look at the wildlife. Why not try a new perspective? Your adventure begins at dawn: An hour’s drive from Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti, a gondola will be waiting with a quick breakfast and a glass of champagne. Soar over the savannah of Serengeti National Park with an unobtrusive view of Tanzania’s creatures as they gather at the watering holes of the Mara River. After an hour-long flight, the pilot will land on the red oat grass so you can enjoy a full breakfast in the bush.

See wildlife roam in Tanzania

Floating In Paradise

From Florence to Tuscany by hot-air balloon

As you wind through the 18th-century lemon groves beside Four Seasons Hotel Firenze, you may see the top of a colourful hot-air balloon that’s sitting in the middle of the garden. Rising from the only balloon launching point in central Florence, bask in the Florentine sun with a glass of champagne in hand as you float above the Duomo, the Uffizi Gallery, and the many vineyards, olive groves and small villages of the Chianti region. Your flight ends in a prime patch of Tuscan countryside, where your customized picnic features hors d’oeuvres, local artisanal cheeses and Prosecco.

Take off on a Tuscan adventure in Florence

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Tour de wine country in Napa Valley

Take in wine country from 3,000 feet in the air above Four Seasons Resort and Residences Napa Valley. Join the Four Seasons team in the Resort’s vineyard before dawn, where a hot-air balloon waits for your hour-long ride above Calistoga’s scenic vineyards. Glide over the rolling fields of Napa Valley and the Petrified Forest, resting place of the largest petrified trees in the world. End your day peacefully with a full brunch, paired with a house sparkling wine, beneath the wisteria of Domaine Chandon Winery in Yountville.

See a new side of California wine country

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An ancient civilization in Mexico City

Just north of Mexico City lies Teotihuacán, an UNESCO World Heritage site that once boasted the largest city in the pre-Columbian Americas. See the whole 8-mile city from your hot-air balloon, then descend for a walking tour of the pyramids and ruins. A guide from Four Seasons Hotel Mexico City will escort you through thousands of years of history, including the complex roots of the region and the unsolved mystery of the Pyramids of the Sun and the Moon. Following your archaeological exploration, savour an al fresco brunch featuring handmade tortillas and live music at a private hacienda nearby.

Explore the pyramids in Mexico

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Scope out the slopes in Megève

With several different skiing areas to choose from, a bird’s-eye-view of the trails can be a great way to find the best powder during your stay at Four Seasons Hotel Megève. Start your journey on the snow-capped peak of Mont d’Arbois, and your trained guide will steer you high above the Beaufortain Massif range for views of the Lac de Javen and the peak of the highest mountain in Western Europe, Mont Blanc. Cap off your adventure with the perfect après-ski at Bar Mont d’Arbois.

Rise to meet Mont Blanc in Megève

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Catch the sun setting over Chiang Mai

If you’re spending time in Chiang Mai, the best place to view the sunset is above the ground. Start your journey in the emerald rice fields, where the crew from Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai awaits with your glass of champagne and an hour’s itinerary. As the sun sets upon the Rose of the North, view the bustling downtown of Chiang Mai, featuring the golden steeples of the sacred Wat Phra That Doi Suthep Buddhist temple and the far-off waterfalls of Doi Inthanon National Park.

Experience a Thai sunset in Chiang Mai

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Rise above the Red City in Marrakech

As the first light of dawn spreads across the golden sands of Morocco, join your guide from Four Seasons Resort Marrakech for a sunrise flight by hot-air balloon. From this vantage point, you’ll take in contrasting views of the vibrant city centre of the Red City and the Atlas Mountains, which were once believed to be the body of Atlas, the mythical Greek Titan tasked with holding up the sky. Following your journey, enjoy a full breakfast back at the Resort.

Fly high over the desert in Marrakech


A new perspective awaits.

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