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Watch Bali's award-winning chef Dayu and her team cook their favourite local recipes fresh-to-order, at Jala's nightly a la carte dinner hosted in our cooking academy. The seafood-themed menu is inspired by, and sourced from, Jimbaran's famous fish markets. Savour fresh fish cooked pepes-style, seafood salad, grilled prawns in Balinese spices, and more. Local flavours, cozy ambience, and premium quality define this Balinese dining experience.

7:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Signature Dishes

  • Shrimp dish in a bowl made of a coconut
    Gegecok Timun Udang Panggang

    Grilled prawns on cucumber salad

Other Favourites

  • Sate Languan Acar Timun (spiced minced mackerel satays)
  • Klepon (steamed rice dumpling with palm sugar sticky rice)
  • Lawar Sayur (traditional spicy vegetable salad)
  • Sambal Matah (traditional chilli)

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