Summertime in Anguilla brings calm seas, idyllic weather and exciting events that awaken the island – it’s the perfect time to truly experience all that our destination has to offer. Embark on an island-wide tour with our suggestions for the must-try summer experiences.

Summer Experiences

  • Aerial view of a busy harbour with sails and boats in Anguilla, cloudy skies

    Attend a Local Event

    Anguilla's national sport, boat racing, takes local pride to new levels when the island's boats compete from May through August. The big race is on the first Monday of August each year and culminates with the "Champion of Champions" race on Sunday, August 12. If you're feeling adventurous, you may even be able to participate in the race.
  • Taste Local Cuisine

    Rum punch, Johnny Cake, snapper Anguillian style – there are many flavours that have become synonymous with our island. Experience some of our favourites in a stunning setting, such as the famous Cracked Coconut ice cream dessert at Blanchard’s Beach Shack or Crayfish selected from the Catch of the Day on Meads Bay.
  • Stay Fit

    Feel good as you sport your summertime swim suit by challenging your body with a boot camp, yoga session or spin class at our Resort. Or turn exercise into playtime with a basketball game or tennis match at our on-site courts.
  • Immerse Yourself in Anguillian Culture

    Learn how to play dominos like a local, dance to the beat of SOCA music and introduce some Anguilla jargon into your vocabulary.
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