As an expansion of our popular Kids For All Seasons program, KidsWell offers a new series of well-being–focused activities that foster connection with nature, promote focus and self-awareness, and encourage better sleep – all in the backdrop of Riviera Nayarit’s breathtaking natural setting.
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“KidsWell supports positive mindsets and equips kids with a variety of practices to engage with the world around them. We are proud to offer a new selection of activities that kids will benefit from long after their vacation with us comes to a close.”

John O’Sullivan Regional Vice President and General Manager, Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita

Sample Activities

More Activities

Mindful Gratitude
Kids share what they are grateful for and practice journaling to internalize feelings of gratitude they can refer back to later.
Sensory Box
Kids experience the different sensations and textures of objects found in the destination of Riviera Nayarit such as seashells, feathers and native leaves.
Bubble-Blowing Breathwork
A fun breathwork activity with bubble-blowing wands in the shape of spirit animals​ helps kids develop healthy stress-management techniques.
Connecting with Local Wildlife
This discovery session teaches appreciation of local animals, including the sea turtle and blue-footed booby.
Nature Walks
Kids learn to connect their senses with nature’s sights, sounds and textures.
Healthy Cooking Classes
This session teaches kids about mindful eating by preparing healthy snacks such as fresh guacamole.
Meditation Pods
Pods of bean bag chairs become mindfulness incubators at this guided meditation for kids.
DIY Bubble Bath Kits
Kids make their own custom bath bombs and bath art to relax in-room at the end of the day.
Xocolatl Workshop
Kids create custom Mexican chocolate bars using local ingredients.
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