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You won’t find Italian cuisine like this anywhere else in Prague. At CottoCrudo, traditional dishes are complemented by a live crudo bar, where our chefs prepare fresh seafood right before your eyes.


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Meet the Team

Executive Chef Leonardo Di Clemente

Highly respected Chef Di Clemente is happiest when creating local, traditional dishes spiced up with his Mediterranean approach. As a boy, he was taught by his parents, both farmers, to create meals from the fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs grown in the fields. It was while working for Hotel Suvretta House in Switzerland—and travelling away from Italy—that he first realized the importance of the traditional Italian way of cooking. He decided then and there to dedicate himself to ensuring that the craft was kept alive, and has maintained his dedication for the last 18 years.

“Coming from a true Italian farmer family, using healthy and fresh ingredients and mixing 'mamma style cuisine' with current culinary trends have always been my prime goals in the kitchen.”


  • Monday – Friday, 12:00 noon – 3:00 pm

    Business Lunch at CottoCrudo Restaurant

    Enjoy our chef’s latest delicious creations over lunch, including two courses for CZK 440, selecting between an appetizer, main course and dessert, or the whole three-course menu for CZK 550. For reservations or information, contact +420 221426 880.

Call us to book your table. +420 221 426 880 Online Reservations

Signature Dishes

  • White bowl with sunnyside egg dish with cured meat, parsley garnish
    Onsen Poached Egg

    Soft potato cream, porcini mushrooms and black truffle pesto

  • Saffron risotto

    Roasted sea bass, buffalo mozzarella and green pea purée

  • Cavatelli Pasta

    Di grano arso, cacio e pepe calamari, artichoke and lentil sauce

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