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With an extensive wine list and a sophisticated selection of classic and eclectic cocktails, our modern bar and lounge is an ideal spot to meet for drinks and a bite to eat.


12:00 noon – 10:00 pm

Signature Drinks

  • Clear Ziya cocktail garnished with orange peel

    Exquisite and lavish are the right words for Ziya, with London dry gin, kaffir lime leaves and herbal notes.

  • Red cocktail in pewter saucer champagne glass garnished at the base with strawberries and mint leaves

    Sip the very best of Italia with a concoction of balsamic, honey, gin and marinated strawberries.

  • Lemon-colored cocktail in crystal wine glass, garnished with lavender sprig and CottoCrudo-etched ice cube

    Take in perfumed notes of Grand Marnier and lavender, kicked by a touch of lemon juice and tequila.

  • Whisky cocktail in crystal tumbler with large round ice cube and garnished with crispy, smoky bacon

    Take a bite of crispy bacon and enjoy eccentric flavours with Canadian whiskey, maple syrup and cherry bitters.

  • Peach-colored cocktail topped with foam and flower garnish

    Taste the flavours of mango and lime in this hydrating non-alcoholic beverage to soothe you on a hot summer day.

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