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Named for the North African scholar who made the Baa Atoll his home in the 12th century, our overwater restaurant offers stylish, indoor and outdoor-rooftop seating for you to sample the flavours of Lebanon, Morocco and Armenia.


Saturday to Thursday, 7:00 pm – 10:30 pm

Signature Dishes

  • An aerial view of colourful vegetable dished at Al Barakat
    Lebanese Feast
  • A close up of a vegetable dish in a terracotta plate with cover at Al Barakat
    Seafood Tagine
  • A colourful assortment of dishes at Al Barakat
    Moroccan Feast
  • An overhead view of a white sauce with spices sprinkled on top and bread sticks around it, on a blue pottery dish


  • Every Thursday Night

    Sultan Mezze

    Traditional breads, delicious dips, Lebanese kebabs, Moroccan tagines, Armenian meats and the tastiest sweets arouse your senses with an endless array of Executive Chef Axel Godefroid’s culinary blessings, all under a canopy of stars at Al Barakat.

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