AyurMa invites you to reset your awareness and embark on a new path to health, harmony and happiness, where the emphasis is on loving the earth as you love yourself. Supported by the four pillars of Ayurveda, Yoga Therapy, Wellness and Planetary Wellbeing – plus a multi award-winning team of Ayurvedic Doctors, Naturopaths and Yoga Therapists – discover individual and shared experiences designed to cultivate care for ourselves, others, the oceans and the entire planet.


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The Four Pillars of Ayurma

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Visiting Practitioners

Woven into the fabric of life at Landaa Giraavaru is a commitment to collaboration and innovation. Our Visiting Practitioners program offers an exclusive opportunity to connect to industry-leading wellness practitioners within the tranquil surrounds of our island sanctuary. From private or group sessions to bespoke therapies, we bring you empowering experiences designed to transform.

Meet the Team

A smiling Dr. Arun K. Thompson in front of some greenery

Dr. Arun K. Tomson

Director of AyurMa & Naturopathic Physician
Dr. Tomson is a skilled diagnostician who specializes in TCM pulse methods, and traditional Chinese medicine (acupuncture and yoga therapy). He believes that the body heals itself but that it’s essential to create an environment to support and enhance those healing powers. Additionally, Dr. Tomson uses a hands-on approach to healing through Naturopathic and Yogic principles.

Nimade “Lastri” Sulastri

Spa Manager & Reiki Master
Hailing from a spiritual community in her native Indonesia, Lastri embodies the essence not only of a skilled therapist but of a true healer. Her specialties include Reiki, Meditation and Hatha Yoga, though she is also trained in Tantric Therapy and other energy practices, like Pranic Healing.

Dr. Nikhil Natayil

Ayurvedic Physician
Dr. Nikhil Natayil is an Ayurvedic therapist attuned to creating personalized treatments such as Nasya (nasal cleansing) and herbal poultices. With a passion for identifying the medicinal values of herbs and preparing herbal medicines, he is committed to fulfilling what he considers to be his responsibility “to heal others.” Like Dr. Subramanya, Dr. Natayil specializes in Panchakarma and other Ayurvedic pharmaceutics.
A smiling Dr. Giri in front of some greenery

Dr. Girinathan Panicker

Naturopathic Physician
Dr. Panicker is deeply knowledgeable about healing through diet with a special interest in raw food and specializes in integrative medicine, including Naturopathy, Yogic Sciences, Acupuncture, Exercise Therapy, and more. He also encourages the achievement of self-realization through yogic practices and the importance of taking a pause from the busy worldly life to experience the spirit within.

Signature Experiences