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Spa Services

Earth Treatments

The hidden power of crystals, rocks and mud are combined with techniques that target the nervous system to calm, nurture and ground your body and mind.

Water Treatments

Focusing on your kidneys, these treatments work to cleanse and rejuvenate, allowing your inner energies to flow with blissful ease.

Light Treatments

Drawing from the unique quality of light that the sun shines on our archipelago, these illuminating rituals bring a feeling of clarity to mind, body and spirit.

Air Treatments

Inspired by the constant purification of air in Langkawi’s abundant rainforest, these treatments honour the stillness that pervades when everything is in perfect balance.

Salon Services

Let us take care of all your finishing touches – from haircare to facials to manicures and waxing – at our beauty salon.

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Wellness Services


No matter your experience level, our private and group sessions will help calm your mind and tone your body.

Elemental Balance

Focusing on the earth, water, air and fire elements present within us all, this tailored ritual addresses your personal imbalances and helps restore an sense of inner harmony.

Visiting Consultants

Our visiting wellness experts can perform a variety of healing rituals tailored to you, from cupping, energy healing and therapeutic massage to fire stopping and Watsu in-pool relaxation.

Meet the Team

Portrait photo of spa director Dr Kannan Nettath

Dr Kannan Nettath

Director of Spa

Growing up in a family of traditional Ayurvedic physicians in a Keralan village in Southern India, Dr Kannan’s early years were spent thinking about the healing properties of venga trees, freshwater springs and mountain air, and how they worked to cure diverse maladies. As a child, he remembers accompanying his physician great-uncle to the palace of the former Vengunad kingdom, who would treat even the ailing elephants at the royal stables. Such experiences paved the way for Dr Kannan’s now 15-year career in the holistic-healing arena, combining his training as an Ayurvedic doctor, yogi, naturopath and sports-sciences expert.

Portrait photo of spa healer Rashdy


The Healing Hand

Rashdy was born into a family of healers; his father was a medicine man, his mother a traditional midwife, and his grandfather practised traditional cupping using a buffalo horn. He studied under many traditional healers from a young age and started treating people himself when he was 16 years old. Passionate about helping others feel better, he is renowned for his knowledge and unique healing techniques that see him travelling the world, employing a range of modalities combined with traditional Malay oils to treat individuals’ specific needs and vastly improve their well-being.

Portrait photo of Spa Elemental Practitioner Vincent Baulard

Vincent Baulard

The Elemental Practitioner

Vincent inherited his unique gifts from his family, comprised of a long line of elemental practitioners. Endowed with sensitive hands and the ability to soothe burns from a young age, he developed his practice to include Amma massage, a technique he first learned on La Réunion Island and which he has perfected over the course of a decade, in addition to his in-depth knowledge of reiki and magnetism.

Shereen Adlina

Resident Yogi

Shereen first discovered the healing power of yoga while battling recurrent benign tumours. The ‘mental’ yin to her ‘physical’ sporting yang, yoga balanced Shereen’s approach to movement and improved her understanding of the mechanics of the body – including when to challenge and when to let go. Her interest in physiology led to studies as a nurse, personal trainer, yoga instructor and yoga therapist: a combination that has led to her current yoga style, which she describes as “a holistic approach to life and well-being.”

“Yoga is a very personal journey through your mind, body and soul; an experience that builds awareness and strength – physically, mentally and emotionally.”

Relaxation Experiences