Our Spa in the heart of Langkawi is a tranquil retreat designed to harmonize your mind, body and spirit. Here, each treatment is infused with the unique essence of the island, carefully tailored to meet your needs. Join us at our sanctuary where tranquillity and personalized care come together for an unforgettable spa experience.
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10:00 am – 9:00 pm


Spa Services

The Beauty of Elemental Balance

Designed to illuminate the concept of inner balance, help identify personal imbalances, facilitate a return to body-mind-spirit health and harmony.


Relax and recover with a wide range of relaxing massages.


Enhance your natural beauty with our luxurious skin-care products and age-defying facials that are designed to increase your skin’s vitality.

Body Treatments

Restore natural balance with Body Treatments that draw on 5,000 years of Ayurvedic knowledge and the ancient energies of the UNESCO Geopark.


Focusing on the elements within, these tailored rituals address your personal imbalances and helps restore a sense of inner harmony.

Signature Experiences

Influenced by the energies of the Geopark and the element-balancing principles of Ayurveda, our Signature Treatments advocate health through harmony


Quick fixes for instant balance, or add to any corresponding Earth, Water, Light or Air treatment to maximize your experience.

Salon Services

Let us take care of all your finishing touches – from haircare to manicures and waxing – at our beauty salon.

Pool and Kids Services

Enjoy a relaxing spa experience with a view of the Andaman Sea. Our curated spa menu is perfect for the junior spa-goer of age as young as four years old too.

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Wellness Services


No matter your experience level, our private and group sessions will help calm your mind and tone your body.

Meet the Team

Che Wan

Spa Manager
Leading the exceptional team at the Geo Spa gives Che Wan the opportunity to take an already superb spa facility to new heights and further develop local talent. Wan sees our Spa not just as a space for indulgence but also self-transformation – that spa treatments are a must for everyone, at any age.

“When we balance the elements within us, we renew our capacity for peace, love and joy.”

Resident Yogi Chinmayi Narasimha sits cross-legged in outdoor pavilion

Chinmayi Narasimha

Resident Yogi
Resident Yogi Chinmayi Narasimha wears several hats – teacher, healer and above all, lifelong learner. Her passion for sharing yoga is fuelled by a strong belief in its powerful healing potential. She believes that many modern ailments and diseases come from unhealthy lifestyles that put us out of alignment with nature.

“The therapy systems of yoga unlock healing at multiple levels, allowing us to regain our natural balance.”


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Relaxation Experiences