As meetings, presentations and collaborations have transitioned to a virtual world, let us bring to you a sophisticated solution to video conferencing and live streams. We've partnered with one of the best AV providers in the city to create a dynamic 3–D stage to transform one-dimensional chats and conferences into a new way of communicating.

Elevate your next event

  • Product Launch
  • Panel Discussion
  • Awards Ceremony
  • Gala
  • Company or Holiday Party
  • Internal Announcement
  • 1:1 Interview
  • Customer Presentation
  • Training Session
  • Kick-Off Meeting

The 3D Virtual Stage

Deliver Messages in Breathtaking Style Packages starting at MYR 6,000+
Infinite possibilities are created with this turn-key broadcast solution that accommodates up to four presenters on stage simultaneously.

3D Stage Features:

  • 3 metres high and 13 metres wide
  • Multiple HD cameras
  • Broadcast and recording equipment
  • Ability to incorporate live attendee access from Zoom, microsites and more
  • Deluxe green room
  • Full production team
  • Studio lighting controllable with Key, Fill and Highlight

Tips for Hosting a Virtual or Hybrid Event

Keep it interactive
Use platforms that allow for instant chat, polls and reactions. Work with your production team to understand your end goal and incorporate some interactivity to keep attendees engaged.
Share the experience over a meal
Connecting over food enhances even the simplest of gatherings. Take it to the next level with Four Seasons chefs, who can provide food and beverage or attendee props, delivered to participants ahead of the event.
Put your presenters at ease
Our team will guide your presenters through every step of the process. From the green room to guest accommodations, we’ll ensure that guests feel relaxed and refreshed, ready for their moment in the spotlight.
Do a Test Run
Practice makes perfect. Do a test-run at least once before the big day to acquaint yourself with the flow of the event, practicing in front of a camera, and working out any kinks in your presentation. At Four Seasons, clients who use the Virtual Event Studios are provided ample rehearsal time.
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