Draw closer and connect with the marine environment at Four Seasons Resort Hualalai. Whether you're interested in the island's diverse landforms, the anchialine ponds unique to Hawaii, the 60 species of fish in King’s Pond or local tilapia and oyster farming, our Resort naturalists create unforgettable educational experiences.

Marine Life Highlights


    The Resort’s signature saltwater aquarium pool, King’s Pond, has received an extensive renovation, including the addition of a Marine Activity Center as well as an additional lounge pool and sun deck. Our Natural Resources team of five on-site marine biologists hosts revamped educational programming focusing on sustainability, marine education, ocean health, and the diverse ecology of the Resort footprint. Continue the tradition of swimming with Kainalu, the Resort’s resident eagle ray, or lounge beside the newest addition to Hualalai’s famed pool experience.

  • Natural Resources Program leader shows some marine life to a young Hotel guest
    See Tank Talk

    Meet some of our fascinating reef life up close and personal with our “see tanks,” where guests can see marine creatures inside King’s Pond alongside a member of our Natural Resources team.

  • A young guest kneels in the shallow waters on a Hualalai beach
    Tide Pool Tour

    Tide pools are home to a variety of species: shelled creatures like opihi and cowry cling tightly to the rocks, brittle sea stars and hermit crabs scuttle away to hide, juvenile fish are safe from larger fish, and sea cucumbers and octopi are masters at camouflage. Learn the techniques of tide pooling with a marine naturalist as they show you what creatures to look for.

  • Underwater view of hand reaching down and touching stingray in lagoon
    Eagle Ray Feeding

    Kainalu, our resident spotted eagle ray (Aetobatus narinari), lives in King’s Pond with over 60 different species of fish. Join our marine naturalist on weekdays to watch this beautiful sea creature have some of his favourite food of shrimp, oysters and mussels. You can also request a private feeding with Kainalu, where you’ll get an in-depth understanding of his habits, history and species.

  • Sea Turtles swimming underwater in Hawaii
    Turtles and Tales

    Join our marine naturalists on the beach to visit our resident honu, or green sea turtles. Learn about the life, strength and challenges of these beloved Hawaiian creatures.

  • A guest stands in the shallow waters near a fish at Hualalai
    Behind the Scenes Tour

    Take a closer look into how our Natural Resources team trains and maintains the health of the fish living in King’s Pond. This experience includes a private feeding of the fish, our eagle ray, Kainalu, as well as a private tour of the Resort's saltwater systems with a Marine Biologist.

  • Pools of water on the Hualalai beach near sunset

    Take a closer look into how we operate our saltwater systems, maintain the health of our fish and learn more about ecology and habitats at Four Seasons Resort Hualalai on a guided tour with a marine naturalist.

More Marine Life Excursions

Fish Feeding
King’s Pond has over 1,000 fish and more than 60 different species. Join our team in their daily feeding and witness the variety of reef fish who call Hawaiian waters home.
Hualalai Fishing Derby
Have some fishing fun while helping to restore the ecology of ancient Hawaiian waters at the Waiakauhi Fish Pond with our staff of marine naturalists.
Ocean Life Exploration
Our youngest guests can get up close and personal with Four Seasons Resort Hualalai’s marine life and unusual habitats. Explore our ocean world and get creative with unique projects that can be taken home in this educational experience.
Jr. Marine Biologist
Dreaming of becoming a marine biologist? Spend part of your day with a Resort marine naturalist, where you’ll learn how to collect and record data about the unique underwater world of Hawaii. This experience is curated for kids who love science and investigating ocean life.
Rent A Marine Biologist
Join one of our Resort marine naturalists on any ocean activity and learn about Hawaii’s marine life and ecosystems, whether on a family canoe ride, paddle board or private charter. Our marine naturalists are highly educated and trained to bring families a memorable ocean experience.
Eco-Tour with a Marine Naturalist
Take a guided tour of the Resort’s natural wonders and learn about the native Hawaiian ecosystems, unique wildlife and natural and cultural history.
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