Unpacking List: Gifts from the Aina

Forget the trinkets and touristy souvenirs – Hawaii Island is full of unique natural experiences that highlight the diversity and culture of this beloved aina (land). Cindy Asada, Director of Guest Relations at Four Seasons Resort Hualalai, introduces you to our island experts who create unforgettable memories you can bring home and relive after your time spent with us.

A Taste of the Coffee Spectrum

Hawaii Island is a world-renowned coffee destination with farms at many altitude levels and within diverse climate zones. One of my favourite ways to immerse myself in coffee culture is to join Nate Musson, our resident coffee expert, on a tour to a nearby coffee farm. Directly following the farm tour, Nate prepares a tasting of coffee grown from different regions on the island, each paired with desserts created by Executive Pastry Chef, Kalani Garcia.

The Flavour of the Ocean's Bounty

Natural salt that the ocean provides is and has always been a cornerstone of Hawaiian living – used for food preservation, cooking, medicine and more. I love taking the short walk north of our Resort to see how the lava rock still traps salt within the sea water. Our Executive Chef, Thomas Bellec, leads a salt harvesting experience that I highly recommend – a hike to the salt flats to collect the sea salt and then a hands-on cooking class showcasing how different salts influence the flavour of our cuisine.

The Inspiration of Local Art

Hawi is the quintessential old Hawaiian town with local artisans and shops. Tiffany’s Art Agency has curated a ton of artisans whose inspiration comes from the breathtaking nature of the island and features local artists like Claire Seastone, who creates one-of-a-kind porcelain and stoneware inspired by her time spent outdoors. Trust me – you need pieces like this in your home.

Sunrise under starry sky above mountain, volcanic rocks

The Colours of Sunset from the Mountaintop

One of the most breathtaking experiences on Hawaii Island is not on the beaches, but on top of the island's highest peak, Mauna Kea. Watching the sunset from the summit is life changing. You'll get to see the transition from daylight to sparkling starlight. The crisp mountain air is a surprising contrast to the warm weather closer to the coast. Take a tour with Hawaii Forest and Trail – they share so much about rich history, culture, volcanology and astrology associated with this island.