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From the fresh-caught fish of the day to the gently curved walls and a striking ceramic shell mural, our signature Mediterranean restaurant draws inspiration from Casablanca’s coastline, a view easily seen from every table, both inside and on the terrace.


Monday – Friday 6:30 am – 11:00 am Saturday – Sunday 6:30 am – 11:30 am

Signature Dishes

  • Close-up shot of sauce being pouring into a shallow bowl containing whole prawns with chive and dill garnishes

    Bisque shrimp, lemongrass rosemary jelly, cream cheese

  • The Orange Signature Dessert served with cinnamon
    The Orange of Berkane Signature Dessert

    Orange blossom mousse, dacquoise with nuts, mascarpone sorbet

  • Manjari Lingot

    Coconut biscuit, chocolate ganache, crunchy praline, bitter chocolate mousse, coconut sorbet

  • Lobster Two Ways entree, artistic presentation with lobster tail in sauce in dish, herb garnishes
    Lobster Two Ways

    Half lobster confit, celery, Granny Smith sour mayonnaise

  • Exotic

    Lemon basil meringue, vanilla tonka, mango passion fruit mousse, coconut biscuit, exotic sorbet

  • Ray fish

    Puréed and crunchy fennel, mandarin orange Béarnaise, basil jus

  • Pistachio

    Pistachio biscuit, lime cream, mint jelly, mint lemon sorbet

  • Seared salmon fillet topped with radish and lettuce garnish

    Black rice, herb jus, tomato and paprika pesto

  • Red Berries

    Citrus shortbread, Earl Grey chantilly, raspberry jelly, berry sorbet

  • Vegetarian

    Zucchini and tomato cube, quinoa, honey thyme dressing

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